Saturday, January 31, 2015

January Randoms

On Mason's watch one night Marae got into the cow cream (bag balm) and smeared it all over the top of her head.  We probably washed her hair 5 times that night with all kinds of different things.  Finally the website said, "This can be removed from many different surfaces, but not hair."  So she had a pretty greasy head for about a week.  Oh Rae.  The picture below was the morning after.

 We even tried baby powder to absorb the grease.

Mad Madame Mim anyone!?

There are some moments in my life when I just pause and soak in the joy of being a mother.  When Boonie came out in this bee costume with a spy glass I just had to watch him and completely love the little boyness of it all.

It has been a very dry winter.  We've only had about 3 major snowfalls this year.  So when it snowed towards the end of the month we had to have a sledding party with the friends.  From front to back:  Eve Peterson, Ella Kelstrom, Collin Kelstrom, Boone, Jonah, Theron Peterson, Luke Peterson, and Marae.  Lindsey is squatting down and that's Renee in the red coat.

Boonie was so excited to build a snowman.  It lasted for a while and it was so fun to watch it melt.

We rearranged the room yet again.  This time Boonie has come down from the top bunk.  He and Marae tried to pull her up to the top with a blanket around her neck!!!!  Then after that she tried to climb up using the toy shelve as a step and fell off and hit her face HARD on the side of her bed.  So now no one is on top.

We are always having to find new things to do during the winter months to entertain ourselves.  This one went over well.

One night the electricty went out during dinner.  That was pretty exciting.  I told Marae to just hold still until we found a flashlight but she just kept running around the house and into walls.  It's amazing anyone survives childhood.

We've had a warm January.  When it got to the  upper 40s we had to take a walk and go to the park.

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