Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow Fun!

It snowed all day on Christmas and well into the night.  We woke up the next morning to a TON of snow.  More than I've ever seen before.  It was so beautiful.  So we bundled up quick and spent the morning out playing in it.

It was a winter wonderland for sure.  Every branch was piled high with snow.  It was gorgeous.  We had fun taking slow motion videos of the snow falling on the kids off of the branches while we shook them.

Mason built up a great sledding ramp.  Perfect for little ones.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures with my two darlings.  Both of them acted like normal...  Marae started off by hitting me in the face in between each picture.  That's why I'm wincing in each photo - and she's laughing.

And Boonie was face slamming kissing me.

I love my crazies.  After this we went in and warmed up with some hot chocolate.  It was a perfect winter morning.

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