Sunday, December 21, 2014

Leading up to Christmas

Jack the Elf came back this year.  Both kids had fun finding him each morning.

Boone made his first ornament to adorn our tree in preschool.  It's a snow globe.

Sugar cookie decorating for Santa and the neighbors.

This was the only Santa photo we got.  He came to the ward Christmas party.  I'm sad because I was so distracted with the baby and comforting Marae that I totally missed Boonie talking to him.  He was so sweet and excited to see Santa.  He asked him for a monster truck.

For Christmas Sunday Mason was the ward choir director.  That was fun to put together.  I sang in a trio Mary's Lullaby.  Here is Baby Daddy all dressed up in her Christmas dress.  Sometimes you think pictures are going to turn out a lot cuter than they do - this is one of those moments.

The kids got to decorate gingerbread houses with all our leftover candy.  Boonie chose to make a temple and a monster fire truck.

I helped Marae make hers.  She was eating the candy faster than we could put it on.  Oh Rae.

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