Saturday, December 20, 2014

Gingerbread Party

We hosted our annual gingerbread, ugly sweater, white elephant gift exchange on the 20th.  All our besties we able to make it and we had a blast.  But first, check out my cute snowman cheeseball.  Oh Pinterest... I love you.

Richie and Renee Peterson with "Sled Zepplin"

Lindsey and Brad Kelstrom (Brad being a complete sore loser) with an attempt at a lighthouse which they wouldn't even show us.  Ps:  I love Brad.  He is so much drama and that's probably why I enjoy him so much.

Nicole and Ty Tolson with The Washington Memorial.  They also won the ugly sweater contest because they came dressed like Who's.

Melanie and Robert Allred with The Polar Express.  They lost last year and were desperate not to be the losers again as the losers have to serenade each other.

And our amazing lighthouse.  We won again, naturally.  Our gingerbread building skills are starting to get arrogant.  But we couldn't keep the prize so 2nd place went to Richie and Renee.  Brad and Lindsey came in last place so Brad serenaded Lindsey with the song, "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic.  It was amazing.  He even had fans blowing his hair in the wind and he ended it with a little bit of a lap dance for Lindsey.  THANKFULLY Robert Allred got it all on film for us all to enjoy for the rest of our lives.

After that we had the gift exchange.  It went great this year and we ended up with two great gifts.  I love our friends.

Lilly and Marae now have matching hats!  These darlings are two months apart.

We are so good at building these houses because Mason does all the structural work at the beginning and then I decorate at the end.  It's a great system!

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