Monday, December 22, 2014

Adelyn - 1 Month

2 Week Stats:
Weight: 9.9 oz

Sweet baby girl is already a month old.  It feels like I just had her.  She is the sweetest thing.  I just adore her - and so does the rest of her family.

Fun things Adelyn does:
  • Sleeps like a champ.  Seriously... I have only had one long late night with this little lady and that was when my mom was still here during her first two weeks.  She goes to bed around 10 and I usually have to wake her up at 4.  It's been just wonderful.  I doubt it will last but it has been so nice this first month.
  • She smiles already.  She will look at you can give you a little smile if she's in the mood.
  • You know she's asleep when you see her smile.  You'll see that smile sneaking out behind a binkie or while nursing her and it's the cutest thing.
  • She gets ferocious hiccups.  
  • She has amazing hair.  Whenever she gets out of the bath before I give her the little curl on top Boonie says he doesn't like her hair.  But once the curl goes up she looks fabulous.  :)
  • She is a snuggle bug who LOVES her mommy.  There is no where else she'd rather be than wrapped up in my arms snuggling.  I love it.
  • She has started to find her voice a little.  The kids think it hilarious when she will make a noise that sounds like she's saying "Hi".
  • It took her belly button 21 days to fall off.  Once it did we finally were able to give her a bath.  She hated the first two she got but now she likes them... especially having her hair washed.
  • She sleeps in her swing that my friend lent us.  Thankfully Amy let us borrow that because I know that is the reason when she is such a fabulous sleeper.
  • Her blue eyes are just starting to come out.  Hooray for another blue eyed beauty!!
  • She basically slept the first month of her life.  She has been the best baby I've had yet.
  • She has never reached a Level 3 cry (as we called it with the others) and that is pretty impressive considering she's a month old.
  • She loves to stare at people.  Those little eyes just melt me every time.
  • Her brother and sister ADORE her.  Marae is actually very protective of her little sister and will tell people not to touch her when we are out in public.  Boonie just wants to snuggle and hold her all day.  I worry they are going to get her sick with their germs and I try to wash them as much as possible...  She is just so irresistibly touchable!
  • Her nicknames are:  Baby dolly, Baby Daddy, Honey Buns, Herberger, Sweet Baby Girl, Angel Baby, and Baby.
  • Those cheeks!!!  There are so floppy and juicy I could chew on them all day.
  • My all time favorite thing about Baby Addie right now is that every time you pick her up, every single time, her little chin quivers.  It's absolutely adorable.  I hope she never stops quivering.
Here are a bunch of random photos from the month:

My view every nursing session.  It gets a little claustrophobic at times.  They are sitting on the leg rest of the chair.

Out for her first walk.  One of Mason's friends at school made him this hat.

I adore this hat below.  It's SO CUTE!!  My friend Melanie Allred made it.

My chubby bunny all dressed warm in her snuggle suit to go and deliver Christmas treat plates.

My view from the carrier.  I ADORE looking down at this little darling and seeing her staring up at me.  She's just a toy.

Here are some pictures of her room:

I love this baby.  I've decided I always need a baby around to snuggle.  They are just so delightful.

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