Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Randoms

Without further ado... here are some more moments from the month starting with an exhausted Rae that gets up WAY too early now that she shares a room.

Boone was so sweet.  He was singing, "I am a Child of God." to Adelyn.  It was at this moment that we realized he was singing "...with parents kind as deer."  He loves his little sister.

Their newest game is wanting to make beds everywhere they go.  Maybe it's because I'm so lazy and it's the one of the ways they can get me to play with them.

Another bed:

After all these years it looks like Mason's tree died over in Alpine.

Mason Christmas present to himself.  Now he's prepared... What is this gun number 6??

Friday, December 26, 2014

Snow Fun!

It snowed all day on Christmas and well into the night.  We woke up the next morning to a TON of snow.  More than I've ever seen before.  It was so beautiful.  So we bundled up quick and spent the morning out playing in it.

It was a winter wonderland for sure.  Every branch was piled high with snow.  It was gorgeous.  We had fun taking slow motion videos of the snow falling on the kids off of the branches while we shook them.

Mason built up a great sledding ramp.  Perfect for little ones.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures with my two darlings.  Both of them acted like normal...  Marae started off by hitting me in the face in between each picture.  That's why I'm wincing in each photo - and she's laughing.

And Boonie was face slamming kissing me.

I love my crazies.  After this we went in and warmed up with some hot chocolate.  It was a perfect winter morning.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Christmas came and went this year.  It was a low key Christmas and we were inside so much leading up to it.  That's to be expected with a newborn.  Boonie was SO excited that Santa was coming.  He followed the Google Santa tracker and we all went outside to see if we could see Rudolph's nose shining in the sky.  Marae was excited too.  We set out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Marae wanted to leave the chimney open so Santa could come in.  But for some reason she had to lick it first... such a strange child.

Yummy Orangen.

The kids must have been good this year!!

Adelyn got up that night around 3 and wanted to stay up and play.  So I took her out under the Christmas tree so she could look at the lights.  It was a magical and sweet hour with my baby early Christmas morning.  I love her.

The kids woke up early as usual and we super excited to see if Santa came.  We did stocking first, ate breakfast, and then opened the rest of the gifts.

With their Santa gifts:

Someone was certainly excited to get a remote control MONSTER TRUCK when all he asked for was a monster truck.  We took it over to the cultural hall at the church to drive around the next day.

Marae got a mermaid guitar.  I think Santa's elves weren't really thinking of an age appropriate gift with this one.  We sent it back to the north pole and she was none the wiser.

We woke up to a white Christmas.  It was so magical.  It snowed ALL DAY.  We bundled up and went out to play in.  We loved it.  It was so nice to enjoy especially since we didn't have to worry about driving anywhere.

Merry Christmas everyone.  Santa brought me a new computer which I was delighted with.