Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby Daddy

Adelyn was very welcomed when she came home.  Both kids wanted to hold her.  We supplimented formula with a bottle until my milk came in so Boonie and Marae were just delighted to feed her with the bottle.  Boonie especially.  He adores her.

I'm writing this on December 16th when Adelyn is already 3 weeks old and it's just crazy how much her face has already changed!!

When we told Marae her name we said, "Baby Addie" and Marae said, "What!?  Baby Daddy?!  What!?"  So that has been her nickname ever since.  It's so funny what nicknames stick.  Marae loves her baby sister now and asks to hold her all the time.  But she will only hold her for about 5 seconds and then pushes her off saying, "All done."

The day after the kids came back from Alpine after Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree.  Marae picked up one of the Christmas tree stand holders and ran full speed across the room in an ax chopping motion towards Adelyn who was sitting on the couch.  I was across the room and screamed every persons name except Marae's at the top of my lungs and Mason caught Marae's arm mid chop as the tree stand gently brushed the top of Adelyn's hair.  

That is the only time Marae has acted negatively towards Addie.  It's like she had to do it once just to see what the reaction would be.  Crazy Rae.

Boonie says that Adelyn looks like a butterfly in her cocoon.  Every time I put her in her swaddle he will say, "Are you ready to turn into a butterfly little baby?"  He's so sweet.

They have the same face in the next two pictures.  Ha!

My three babies!!

It took Adelyn's belly button exactly 21 days to fall off.  That being said, she didn't get a good bath for 3 weeks.  Her hair got pretty greasy a couple of times and she looked like a little greasy rat.  And we all adored her for it.

The day Addie came home Boonie had to show her all his toys.  Pretty dang cute - except for how close the airplane would fly to her eyes at times.  He would hold the toys SO CLOSE!

This one is my favorite:

Baby girl is the loudest sleeper ever.  We kept her in our room for the two weeks my mom was here and her snorts and grunts kept me up all the time!  I would have let her stay in there with us, but after my mom left she got banished to her own room.

This was after her second sponge bath.  This little girl LOVES having her hair washed under the spray attachment on the sink.  Everything else she pretty much hates.

I love to chew on those cheeks.  They've already gone down...

The moment she falls asleep she will smile.  That's how i know she's really asleep when I'm rocking her.  It's pretty cute because sometimes I'll be rocking her and watching TV and look down and she has this giant smile on her face.  I haven't caught it on camera but it's pretty darling.

Adelyn and I on Thanksgiving enjoying the peace and quiet but missing our family at the same time.

Oh how I love her.
Addie bug:

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