Sunday, November 23, 2014

Babies Meeting Baby

Adelyn was born at 2:42 on Saturday afternoon.  We decided to have my mom bring them over after dinner.  They arrived around 6:30.  We weren't sure what to expect being they are such busy bots.  We knew how excited Boonie was but we weren't sure with Marae.

They both came in very timidly.  Marae got to hold her first.  Boonie couldn't keep his hands off of Adelyn.  He was SO excited to see her.  We had asked Marae where the baby was earlier that morning before we left the house and she kept pointing to her tummy.  I wonder what she thought of this baby.  She held her for a little bit and then said, "No thank you."  Which meant all done.  When we took the baby home later the next day Marae and Adelyn locked eyes and stared at each other for about 30 seconds.  Now that is huge for Marae.  It made me cry.  Their sister bond was beginning.

I love her eyes in this one... it's like she's realizing that she is now the middle child or no longer the baby....

My girls:

Boonie was so excited to be next.  He did a great job of holding her and he told me that he loved her so much already.  He kept saying, "She's so cuuuute."  He's going to be a great big brother once again.  Look at how happy he is!!

My world just got a little bigger:

Then it was Grandma's turn to hold her.  This is my mom's 7th grandbaby.  Lucky number 7!!

They came back the next day to visit too.  They liked getting the crackers for snacks that I had sitting around and Marae wanted to sit on the bed with me and watch tv.  Silly little babies.  My mom came to stay a little bit with me before the kids came back over on Sunday.  Mason went home for naptime and she came over.  We got to spend some nice time together and she got in some good quality snuggles.

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