Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adelyn Grace Lefler

Adelyn Grace Lefler
November 22, 2014
Weight: 8lbs 10oz
Height: 20.5 inces

Saturday morning at 5:45am in the morning I felt a trickle and wondered if I had peed my pants a bit (which would not have surprised me) but as I got up, went to the bathroom, then lay back down I felt it again and knew that my water had broken.  I was so excited and told Mason.  We got up, packed our bags, showered and got ready to go.  I didn't have any contractions until the moment we were walking out the door.  That was the only one I had until the hospital.  Boone and Marae woke up around 6:30 (probably because of all our noise).  I gave lots of hugs to baby Marae and kept telling her that she wasn't going to be the baby anymore.  Oh Rae...  Mason made me a yummy breakfast burrito and we ate breakfast as a family.  We loaded up the car, hugged our two babies goodbye, left them with Grandma and drove off on our adventure.

We arrive at the hospital around 8:30am.  I still hadn't had a gush of water and wasn't having contractions.  The nurses did a paper test to see if there was amniotic fluid in my cervix but the test came out negative.  They said that that wasn't always the most accurate test.  So they did a swab and sent it to the lab.  She said, "IF it comes back positive then we will start you on pitocin."  The way she said if really made it sound like she didn't think there was anything going on.  After she left I told Mason, "If they come back and say nothing has happened I will disagree with them completely.  I KNOW my water has broken." I started to get really nervous.  Sure enough, they came back and it was positive.  They left the room and Mason said something that made me laugh and all of the sudden my water broke EVERYWHERE - picture flash flood.  Mason started yelling, "Whoa, whoa whoa!!" and one of the nurses came running in saying she thought the head was coming out or something.  It was funny.

Here was the view from the delivery room.  MUCH different than our view in Phoenix.  It was so peaceful.  All babies should be born in a place like this.  It snowed that morning and then right around the time Adelyn was born.

So I got started on some pitocin.  The contractions got intense and for a split second (a very minor split second) I considered trying it natural.  But then I thought... why?  I've already been so uncomfortable... I might as well just relax and enjoy this birth like I did Marae.  I told the nurse that I didn't want my pain level to go above a 4.  Mason laughed.  I got the epidural around 12 noon.  That was the worst part.  Eww...  I hate it so much and cry every single time.

I was progressing and around 2 the nurses check me and I was dilated to a 6 and 100% effaced.  Mason and I were trying to decided on names and just talking.  I could feel a lot of pressure and a little pain and I was very worried that the epidural wasn't going to work.  I told Mason that I felt like I needed to push but didn't think there was anyway I could have progressed that fast.  The nurse came in and asked how I was feeling and I told her I felt a lot of pressure and like I wanted to push.  She checked me and sure enough I was at a 10.  She said, "You are ready!!"  I had gone from a 6 to a 10 in 30 minutes.  From that moment on it all seemed surreal.  I wonder if it's because we didn't have much time to mentally prepare ourselves being I progressed so fast.  But all the nurses and doctors came in.  They set everything up, they even had a nurse there to film it, which was nice...  I asked for a mirror to watch.  Mason asked if he could help with the delivery.  He's gotten to catch the other two before and cut the umbilical cord.  So he suited up complete with moon boots (or so they looked) and he was ready.  We didn't get a picture of him in his outfit everything happened so fast.

So the contractions came (I couldn't feel the contractions but OH THE PRESSURE!!) and I had to push through each of them.  I probably pushed for about 10 minutes...  The definition of 'letting father's help' here in Utah is totally different than what it was in Arizona.  First off I should note that Mason had said earlier that very day that he should have been a doctor...  He loves that kind of stuff.  Afterwards he said that that was too much for him...  Haha!  It must have been pretty rough.  She had him guide Adelyn's head out of the birth canal which may not have been too big of a deal, but she kind of got stuck.  But Mason did it.  He delivered her.  It was hard to push her out and I did feel like I had a lot of control.  I could also feel the adrenaline running through my body.  But I got to watch my miracle baby be born.  When they held her up though she was purple.  Completely purple... scary purple and she wasn't crying.  I asked 3 times if she was okay, each time getting more worried and panicked, and it felt like an eternity (maybe 15 seconds) before she actually did cry.  But they weren't worried about her and they got her to cry and once she started crying her color went normal.  She was a big healthy beautiful baby.

My doctor was out of town for Thanksgiving so Dr. Blackett (on the right) delivered Adelyn.  She was wonderful.  She had run over from the grocery store (it was a Saturday) and her kids were hanging out in the waiting room...  Kind funny.

My sweet angel baby was here.  She has chubby chubby delicious cheeks and pruney wrinkled fingers.  He hands and feet are purple still and when she came out they were so crusty and dry they looked like little witch hands and feet.  We wanted to capture her darling little newborn body with all it's wrinkles.

She is so darling.  I already love her so much.  She's such a precious angel. 

Her expressions were so fun to watch.  She'd make the saddest faces before she worked up the courage to actually cry.

We got to spend the next two days in the hospital soaking up the newborn baby moments.  She sleeps a lot and loves her mommy.  Sometimes she just wanted to sit in the bed snuggled right up to me and then she'd fall asleep.  I adore her.  She was a great nurser from the get go which helped my milk come in faster than it did with the other two.  

Mason got to give her her first sponge bath in the room.  The bath she didn't like very much but she LOVED having her hair washed.  She was so peaceful.  Her hair was really curly once it got wet.  But it dries pretty straight.

All packed up and ready to go home.

It took us a while to decide on her name.  I didn't have a name that I loved and I wanted to love it.  Mason really liked the names Madeline and Adeline but I didn't love either of those.  I liked Evelyn and Olivia (but we couldn't do Olivia because it's the most popular name this year).  Then the next morning I woke up with the name Adelyn in my mind.  It's basically a combination of Madeline, Adeline, and Evelyn.  But I think it's beautiful and we figured we could call her Addie for short if we wanted.

We are so thankful she's here, healthy and well.  She's an angel and we love her little spirit already.

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