Friday, November 21, 2014

39 Weeks and 5 Days Pregnant...

This picture was taken at 38 weeks.

Yup.... that's me.  Here I still am.  Remember how worried I was that I was going to go into labor early?  Today is the longest I've ever been pregnant with either kid.  Boonie I went into labor 2 days before my due date but didn't end up having him until my due date.  So as of today a new milestone in my pregnancies has been reached.

Here is the record of my progression:
36.5 Weeks: Dilated to a 1 and 25% effaced
37.5 Weeks: Dilated to a 1 and 60-70% effaced
38.5 Weeks: Dilated to a 1 and 60% effaced (I think the doctor threw the 70% in there last week to make me feel better)
39.5 Weeks: Dilated to a 3 and 70% effaced

I have made progress since last week and the doctor thinks that at that rate I should go into labor within "5-6 days" - which really doesn't mean anything to me.

My Pregnancy Thus Far:

Total Weight Gained: 39 pounds as of this morning.  I know a lot of it is water weight as my hands and feet have swollen.  Last night Mason and I went to the temple and did sealings.  My hands looked like man hands as I looked down at our hands while he was holding mine last night.  My joints in my hands have been aching like what I imagine arthritis would feel like.  I can barely bend them and last week when I tried to play the piano for choir it was nearly impossible.  It's moved up into my jaw over the past couple days.

Baby Update:  She's still in there baking.  Happy as can be, I suppose.  Although I do feel like she's getting uncomfortable.  How can she not be?  According to the babycenter website on Sunday (in two days) she will be the size of a small pumpkin.  No thank you.  She's got one foot up in my ribs and an elbow trying to reach behind me to my kidneys.  Come on baby girl.  Come out so you can stretch out!!

Cravings:  Pomegranates and Limeaide.... I crave liquids ALL THE TIME.  But I try to limit myself to not drink anything past 7:30 otherwise I'm up every hour at night instead of the normal every two that my aches and pains cause.

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms:  Well last night I lost my mucous plug (too much information - get over it) at around 10:30.  After reading online it says that when that happens women can go into labor within a few hours or up to a few weeks.  Yeah...  So that doesn't mean anything other than my cervix is ripening just like the pears sitting out on my counter with fruit flies buzzing around them.  I'm certainly not winning mother of the year award over here.  Thankfully my mom is here.  She has been here for 16 days now and I just feel bad that she is wasting her life away and cleaning up over after my maniac children.  My children feel neglected and it's no wonder being I can't lift my legs higher than my knee and I can't bend over to save my life.  I actually fell down yesterday while pushing Boonie on the swing at the park... Granted there was snow on the ground, but still.

I suppose I should note that I thought I was in labor Tuesday (3 days ago) night of this week.  I went on a massive power walk Tuesday afternoon.  That was good for me to do and I think it helped me to dilate more.  I had aches and pains and actually told Mason that morning that I was in labor.  Unfortunately as soon as I got up everything stopped.  That same evening I pulled my groin muscle in my leg and the pain goes all the up my right side to a little lower than my belly button.  So I think the pains I was feeling that night were tired muscles and an achy groin muscle (I absolutely hate that term).  So I've been taking it easy the past couple of days.  I have aches and pains all the time which I never had with the other two.  With the other two at the first moment of pain I knew I was in labor.  With this one I won't know until it's trackable.  I've been taking it easy to try and not hurt myself farther.  Plus the primary program is on Sunday (my due date) and I really want to see my cute little Sunbeam squirming up on the stage.  So that is one silver lining to this cloud.  Sunday afternoon though the battle will resume.

Labor Update:  I get Braxton Hicks contractions all the time, but have been since 20 weeks.  So other than that... NOTHING.  I'm kind of a barrel of fun right now.

One of my sweet friends, Amy Lacey, threw me a baby shower the first week of November.  We all met at Kneaders for breakfast.  A lot of people weren't able to make it but I have been showered with so many gifts all month long.  Everyone is excited to meet this little lady.

Renee Peterson and I - she's one of my besties.
Dani Pace and Jocelyn Murdock
Amy Lacey

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