Friday, October 24, 2014

The Pumpkin Walk and The American Heritage Center

I took the kids to the Logan Pumpkin Walk this year.  Different people from around town set up displays made out of pumpkins.  It's pretty creative!  I think this years theme was story books.  Boonie and Marae both loved it.

This dragon below is Madam Mime from the Sword in the Stone.

At the end there were tons of these things set up to put your faces in.  I don't think Marae quite grasped what was going on.  She'd walk up and put her face in and then look disappointed that nothing happened.

At the end they got to meet a witch who we decided looks just like my mom!

Friday the 24th we went out to the American Heritage Center.  They had a corn maze and other fun things to do.  It's been so beautiful this fall and the weather has been just perfect for outdoor things.  First off the kids got to ride ponies.

They both loved the corn maze.  They liked to hide and jump out and scream BOO at each other.  Do you see the alien in the picture below?

The next week Emily Townsley came up to visit so we went to the pumpkin patch again.  Frankie and Boonie get along so well.  I wish they lived closer than an hour away!

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