Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Randoms

Tons of randoms this month!

I'm doing something for Darci for Christmas and this is how Mason wanted her to remember him.  I refused.

I was grumpy one morning and Mason sent me this picture saying this was how I looked when he left for school.  Stupid, fat, ugly cat.

Boonie has stopped taking naps (he will take 1 or 2 a week) so he falls asleep quite easily in the car.  I think it was a 5 minute trip for this one.

Here is Mason and Nam Ju (they work on the same research project) at 11:45pm working hard... They've been putting long hours in lately.

My selfie for my family:

I took the babies up the canyon for a walk one day.  Good thing too because it's gotten a little chilly!  We live in a beautiful place.

I'm proud of my creations.  Look at my cute new fall wreath!!

We have 3 apple trees in our backyard with TONS of yummy apples on them.  I've made 3 apple pies and below the babies are smelling the apples we were baking into applesauce.

There was a store opening and they offered free face painting for the kids.  We took the crew down there and didn't get one decent picture.  We were with the Kelstrom's and the Peterson's.  Marae was so busy looking at everyones faces that she wouldn't turn around.  Boonie requested a ninja turtle face.

These two little boys, Theron and Collin have crushes on Marae.  They love to play with her and 'protect' her.... Like she needs protecting.

We took a picnic lunch up to Tony's Grove one Saturday.  It was beautiful up there and just the perfect time to see some fall leaves.  Unfortunately I look horrendous in this picture below while everyone else looks darling.

The babies are officially sharing a room.  It was surprisingly an extremely easy transition.  Marae has done great since we put her toddler bed in there!

I love this picture below so much.  It pretty much captures her to a T.

Marae trying out her Halloween costume.

My first french braid!  I'm determined to learn!

Marae is so funny.  She will take naps on the top of the bunk on Boonie's bed and at night sleep in her toddler bed.  Silly Rae.

Use your imagination about the picture below.  Gross.

I love fall!!

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