Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Monday night for FHE we carved pumpkins and watched the Nightmare Before Christmas.  Again, the babies weren't too excited to stick their hands in the goo.  But they had fun carving the faces and eating the roasted pumpkin seeds.

Boonie wanted a haunted house and Rae told me what shapes to use for her pumpkin.  We only carved 3... I did Rae's and didn't want to do another.  The carving was too hard and it wasn't worth going into labor over.

This picture below makes me laugh because it was taken right as Marae blew out the candle to her pumpkin.  Silly Rae.

These pictures were taken Halloween morning.  Logan has so many fun things to do around Halloween time.  Downtown they have trick or treating at all the shops.  So we dressed up and went with friends at 10.  We had a skeleton and a witch!

I drew eyebrows on Marae.  She looks like she has such an attitude.  It makes me laugh.

Here are all the friends from left to right:  Theron Peterson, Rae, Boonie, Ella Kelstrom, Collin Kelstrom, Luke and Eve Peterson

Rae may or may not have put herself into a sugar frenzy.  She ate so much candy (even though it wasn't that much) that she couldn't function with life anymore.  When we got home she melted into a puddle of exhaustion.  This picture below is of her yawn/crying.  Poor little witchy poo.

That night we went trick or treating on the west side of center street.  We went to all the old historic houses and there was a lot of people out so it was fun.  It was a BEAUTIFUL night.  Just the right weather.  It was about 60 degrees so they didn't need coats.  We had a great time all together.  This picture below the street light had the same face as Boonie.

Happy Halloween!!

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