Monday, September 1, 2014

Marae's 2nd Birthday!

My little Marae turned 2!!!  A part of me can't believe she's that old and yet it seems like she's been with us forever.  I wanted to plan a special party for her being she has yet to have a 'big one'.  I know they don't care at this age, but there were a bunch of little girls her age in the ward and I wanted to throw a butterfly/garden party for her.  Here were the invitations:

I didn't get a good picture of the cake or cupcakes... these off of my iphone will have to do.

Mason made an awesome pull string pinata.  Only one of the ribbons opened the trap door releasing the candy.

It was a beautiful afternoon and Marae was fresh from her nap.  When the little girls arrived they each got to pick out a pair of butterfly wings and have some snacks.

I had wanted this to be a party that Marae would enjoy completely.  I tried to find games/activities that I knew she would love.  There were 5 stations/games:
1.  The Butterfly Craft
2.  Bubbles
3.  The Pinata
4.  Painting
5.  Dancing to Music

Below is Lucy.  She didn't want to wear any wings and this was the only picture I got of her.  I'm sad I didn't get a picture of all the butterflies sitting next to each other.

The Painting Station:

Then we had cake and ice cream.  She did a great job blowing out her candles!

Marae, Norah Tolsen, and Maliah Murdock.  There was still another little butterfly I didn't get a picture of.  They were all SO CUTE!!  And the theme was perfect because they all kept flitting around from station to station with the attention span of a 2 year old.

She wasn't too much of a fan of the cake.  She just ate the frosting off the top and the ice cream.

I have such a beautiful little girl.

Happy birthday baby girl!!  I love you to pieces.

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