Saturday, September 27, 2014


It's been a time of injuries around here lately...  Who am I kidding... these kids are always bumping and bruising something somewhere but these couple weeks were pretty exciting.  On the morning of Sept. 27 Mason was getting Marae dressed for the day.  He pulled her shirt off and her head popped out like little kids do when you pull their shirts off over their heads and it made her lose her balance causing her to turn and fall and hit her forehead on the wooden rocking chair in her room.  There was A LOT of blood and when we could finally see it we saw a hole in her head about the size of an eraser on the top of a pencil.  So we decided to take her in to the ER.  Poor Rae.  Poor daddy.  Of course he felt awful.

She was so brave and didn't really care.  They put a cute little monitor on her foot and gave her a bow to go on top.  The nurse was so good with her.  She HATED the stitches part... who wouldn't.  They strapped her down to a board and she screamed bloody murder the whole time.  Luckily she only needed two stitches.  My poor little Rae.  And I swear all week long she kept bonking that same spot on things.  Poor baby.

Thankfully it's small and shouldn't leave too much of a scar... I hope.

Then Boonie had to get a fat lip at the park...  A kid was climbing up the slide as he was going down and they bonked heads.  Boonie got the raw end of the deal.

And I just had to take this picture because she didn't really care.  She slipped and hit her nose on the edge of the tub but kept on playing anyway.  Boonie was a little more disturbed by the blood but she didn't care.

 Oh my crazy babies...

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