Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boone's Pirate Parrrrrrty

Boonie decided to have a pirate party for his 4th birthday!  Mason initially gave him the idea and the more we talked about it, the more excited he got.  He was SO excited to go on a treasure hunt.  It was a great theme for a birthday party.  Here are the invitations:

He got to help me put the ink stamp on.  I was so excited to use that little thing.  I bought it for Mason when I went to London back in 2008 and it's just sat in a drawer ever since.  So we officially sealed the invitations with wax.

I told Mason that this party I was going to keep low key.  I wasn't going to put as much effort/work into it being Marae's party was tiring.  Well basically all that meant was I didn't make a cake.  That's how I kept it low key.  So I planned everything out complete with the games and asked Mason to make a treasure hunt at the end.  Mason took my pretty well planned out party and made it absolutely over the top.  It was tons of fun and the kids had a great time.  Here are some pictures of the set up.  Mason drew that pirate head below.  Pretty impressive huh?  That game was pin the patch on the pirate.

All the pirates arrived.  Most of them were dressed in their pirate best.  Mason led the crew and explained that pirates are too tough to cry.

Walk the plank and pick up a tattoo:

After each game they earned something else that made them more of a pirate.  The other games that there weren't pictures of were "Sink another man's ship" - throwing apples off the apple tree at each others cup towers.  "Musical Islands" - instead of chairs they had islands to stand on.  "Rat Stomp" - try and pop the other guys balloon that was tied to their ankles without getting yours smashed.  After one station was facial hair:

This was my best friend Emily Townsley's little boy.  He wasn't too fond of the moustache.

Here are all the pirates after the games.  From left to right:  Eve Peterson, Theron Peterson, Franny Larson, Boone, Collin Kelstrom, Frankie Towsley, Ella Kelstrom, and Benjamin Blanchard.

After the games they went on a treasure hunt back behind out house. 

X marks the spot!!  Buried treasure!!

I guess we didn't get a picture of the treasure chest but it was an old suitcase filled with treat bags.  After that we had ice cream sandwiches and opened presents.

That night after the party we had a little cake party with just our little family.  He loved his crocodile cake.  It was the perfect ending to a pirate party!

Happy 4th birthday little man!!

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