Saturday, July 19, 2014

July Randoms/Lefler Reunion in Woodland

Here is Boonie's capitalist Christmas present from my dad.  It was suppose to be a remote control balloon which in theory is pretty cool, but it didn't work because of the altitude we are in.  So this giant fish sat around my house for a week and all my children wanted to do was play with it but I wouldn't let them because I was afraid they would break it.  We ended up sending it home with Grandpa when they came up at the end of July.  Maybe it will work there.  Instead grandpa took Boonie shopping and Boonie chose out an awesome police/fire/rescue truck that squirts water.  It's basically the best thing he has ever gotten.

On a hike up the mountain with our babies.  I love that this is so close to our home.  We drove for probably 10 minutes to this gorgeous hike.

After our bbq with Kyle and Stacey up the canyon Boonie apparently had gotten bitten by 4 misqutios right on his forehead.  He woke up the next morning and it just kept getting bigger and bigger.  He looked like a klingon.  These pictures go in order as the day went on and then finally the next morning he could barely open his eyes all the way.  Poor guy.

This was the next morning.  I called the doctor but they said it would just go away.  I was nicer than usual to him that day because he looked so goofy - like my little handicapped child.

My parents came up to visit at the end of July.  They stayed for 3 days and then went up to Yellowstone.  After Yellowstone they were suppose to stay 3 more days but my mom's mom ended up passing away so they went home early.

Before they left we got to do a few things together.  We went bowling one morning and to a concert at the Logan tabernacle.  Here was the bowling score.

My tired babies after all their adventures this month.

The 18th and 19th was the Lefler family reunion that they have every year up in Woodland.  We all wondered how it would be with Grandma Elizabeth there this year.  I wondered if anyone would really show up being everyone had just gotten together for the funeral about a month earlier.  There weren't as many people as there usually are, but there was still a great turn out.  We camped out that night (or should I say Marae and I stayed up looking at each other all night) and it was a fun time.

Marae and Gabey

We started out in the 2 man tent, yes you read that right... I tried to convince Mason that we need to get a new one... he said okay, but we need to do research and get the best possible deal.  So we started off in the 2 man tent right on top of each other.  Marae 'slept' at our heads and Boonie 'slept' next to Mason squeezed against the side.  It was kind of windy and the wind cover kept blowing against the tent so around 1 I took Marae and went into the van.  We laid all the seats down and attempted to sleep.  She would only fall asleep if she were plastered against my body and any time I'd move she'd wake up.  Like I said, we didn't get much sleep that night but we still had fun.  When we first went in the tent around 11 I got some pictures on my phone of us all piled in there.  It was funny because it was pitch black and then my flash would go off blinding everyone.  It was pretty funny.

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