Friday, August 1, 2014


I'm so thankful that Mason had the time to take off and attend Grandma's funeral.  It was a beautiful funeral.  It was held at the Episcopalian Church in Peoria.  We had thought that there wasn't going to be an opportunity for our family to get together this year so we were lucky to get to meet together and celebrate Grandma's life.  Here are some pictures from the week:

Too much swimming/vacations for my little Boonie.  He had a massive ear infection.  Luckily the doctor was open the Saturday we got home and we could take him right in.

I realize these are out of order but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.  Jack has grown up so fast!!  He was actually celebrating his birthday while we were all there.

Darci was terrified of the wind and spent the majority of the afternoon like this...  Granted a dust storm did blow in followed by an awesome monsoon with thunder and lightning.

The funeral was on Saturday.  I'm sad that there weren't any pictures taken of the displays.  I'll have to track down some pictures from Grandma's life for memories sake.

Cousins are just so cute together.

It had been a long day...

So we drove down in the van with Mason and then he drove back up Sunday night for school the following week and the kids and I stayed in AZ until the following Friday.  The kids got to swim a ton and came home with awesome tans and an ear infection.  It was nice to be there although I felt like I was imposing on my mom's grieving process.  She claimed she was glad we were there, but there is nothing gentle/calm/reverent about my children what so ever.

And this was the last of our crazy 6 weeks!!

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