Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August Randoms

There are a lot of random pictures this month.... so here we go!!

First off...  Boonie got some new 'fast' shoes.  He got to pick out whatever pair he wanted from the store.  This is what he chose.  Spiderman shoes that light up when he walks.  Every little boy's dream!!

Feeding the ducks down at First Dam in Logan.  We have to soak up these summer days.  They will be ending soon.

Collin and Ella Kelstrom met us there.

Whenever Mason gets home at dinner time the babies will run out to meet him.  We have a window that overlooks his parking spot.  I was making dinner and I suggested that they look out the window and watch for daddy.  It was more than poor Rae could bear.  She went out and sat in his parking spot and cried until he got him.  She loves her daddy.

We went to the demolition derby again this year.  It was AWESOME...  No really...  It was fun.

Some days I feel like a good mom and other days I just don't.  I've been trying to give them each some quality time.... quality over quantity at this point.  I took them to the zoo a couple weeks ago.  It was an overcast, cloudy, drizzly day - my favorite type of day.  So we put on jackets for the first time in months and went to the zoo.  The animals were all out enjoying the cool weather as well.

I have to note that Boonie wears one of each color sandal because "he wants everyone to see which colors he has."

This picture below was pretty funny because Boonie and I were walking and we turned around and Marae was walking in a pile of turkeys.  They moved by the time I took this picture but it was pretty funny.  Boonie thought it was hilarious and kept saying, "Marae is bringing the turkeys to us!"  Right after this picture the turkey in front of her felt cornered or something and it flew right over her head using her head as a launching pad.   It startled her a bit.

I got to spend a special morning with Boonie.  I left Marae with a friend and took him to the Ogden Temple open house.  We got to tour the temple.  He really enjoyed it.  He's always asking what's inside and when does he get to go there with our Logan temple.  It was cute though because when we told Mason that we were going he said, "I'm going there to marry mommy today."  He knows that's where you get married and it was hard for him to understand why suddenly he was able to go when we had been telling him he had to wait.  I was able to help him understand that it hadn't been blessed yet so he could go in.  He loved it and was very reverent.  He loved the one on one mommy time too.  I sure to love my little boy.

Afterwards I took him to Goodwood where he got to order whatever he wanted.  He chose chocolate milk.

And since it was his birthday soon he got a free dessert.  Again, he loved every minute of it.  I love just sitting and talking to my jabber box of a little boy.  He has a million questions and a million things to say, always.  Mason had been talking to him about feeling the spirit in the temple and how the holy ghost/Heavenly Father will sometimes put thoughts into our heads and hearts.  Well after we came out of the temple and were driving home we passed a jeep that didn't have doors and he noted it.  Then we passed a Uhaul truck that didn't have a door and again he noted it.  Then he said, "Heavenly Father just told me that those cars don't have doors on them because there is a door eating dinosaur around here.  It just popped into my head."  I love 3 year olds.

Then I got to spend a morning with Marae while Mason took Boonie.  I took Marae to the farmer's market.  She LOVES peaches and so when we got a box of delicious ones she had to have one right away.  We sat in front of the live band and enjoyed a peach together.  She liked the music and danced to it.  She's such a sweet little thing.  I love my one on one time with Marae.  It's so rare and she is such a different child when Boonie isn't around.  Isn't this picture below hilarious!?

If only they were always this sweet to each other.  Although they are buddies... they sure do squawk at each other a lot.


Oh how I love this picture of Marae in her new bathrobe.  Isn't she the sweetest?  She is so snuggly in it and she loves to wear it.  I think she looks like Obi-Wan Kanobi.  We got it at a pottery barn sale so it has the name Katie etched on the front behind her arm (for 3 dollars!!!) so we call her little Katie every time she's clean out of the bath.

My wild little lady in the bath.  She rarely gets baths alone so this one was quite exciting for her.

She would lay the side of her head down and pull her hair out and put her hand up to her face for me to admire and sing, "Ah ah ahhhh..." like the little Mermaid and say, "Hair.  Ah, ah, ahhh..."  She was showing me her pretty mermaid hair coming out of the water.  It was darling.

These last two were taken after my maternity shot before church.  They wanted to stand in the picture with me but I figured baby #3 would want to see me pregnant without the other children standing there too.  You can see Marae was crying being her mean mommy wouldn't let her be in a picture.  So we took these two to make them both feel better.  Silly babies.

Friday, August 1, 2014


I'm so thankful that Mason had the time to take off and attend Grandma's funeral.  It was a beautiful funeral.  It was held at the Episcopalian Church in Peoria.  We had thought that there wasn't going to be an opportunity for our family to get together this year so we were lucky to get to meet together and celebrate Grandma's life.  Here are some pictures from the week:

Too much swimming/vacations for my little Boonie.  He had a massive ear infection.  Luckily the doctor was open the Saturday we got home and we could take him right in.

I realize these are out of order but I'm too lazy to do anything about it.  Jack has grown up so fast!!  He was actually celebrating his birthday while we were all there.

Darci was terrified of the wind and spent the majority of the afternoon like this...  Granted a dust storm did blow in followed by an awesome monsoon with thunder and lightning.

The funeral was on Saturday.  I'm sad that there weren't any pictures taken of the displays.  I'll have to track down some pictures from Grandma's life for memories sake.

Cousins are just so cute together.

It had been a long day...

So we drove down in the van with Mason and then he drove back up Sunday night for school the following week and the kids and I stayed in AZ until the following Friday.  The kids got to swim a ton and came home with awesome tans and an ear infection.  It was nice to be there although I felt like I was imposing on my mom's grieving process.  She claimed she was glad we were there, but there is nothing gentle/calm/reverent about my children what so ever.

And this was the last of our crazy 6 weeks!!