Friday, July 11, 2014

Tom Lefler Family Reunion: Zion's National Park

July 10th through 13th we went down to Zion's National Park where Tom and Laura rented a cabin (mansion) and everyone met down there for a reunion.  We had tons of fun and Zion's is just BEAUTIFUL!!!  Here are a few shots from the ride down.  I'm so glad we got the minivan when we did after all these trips we ended up taking this summer!!  This was the first time we had turned Marae's car seat around facing forward.  She got to watch the movies and she loved her whole new view.

The cabin we stayed in was ENORMOUS and beautiful.  Below is Tom and Laura's master bedroom and below that was the room we stayed in with our little ones.  It was nice because each family had their own room so we didn't feel like we were all on top of each other.

We arrived Thursday and then Friday we drove into Zion's and hiked part of the narrows.  I've always wanted to do this!  The entire trip is 16 miles and of course there is no way we were going to do that with  Boonie on foot and Marae in a backpack.  But we did end up going 2 miles in.  Boonie did AMAZINGLY well.  He LOVED, I mean LOVED walking through the water holding my hand.  It was such an adventure for him.  Everyone pretty much went at their own pace and we ran into different people from different families along the way.  We basically stuck with Laura and Estelle (Danielle's oldest, 8 years old) who was visiting from France.  The water was warm and it felt good to walk through.  Luckily Tom had a walking stick for me to borrow with my growing belly I was a little off balance.

Zach, Avery, Gabey, Seth 
Estelle with us.  This was right before we went through the first river so everyone was clean.

Everyone was pretty tired after that hike.  But like I said, it was SO MUCH FUN!  Marae actually fell asleep while being in the backpack on Mason.  Mason and I had put that on our bucket list to do again once we don't have little children and can do the whole hike.

The rest of these photos are just from around the house/cabin area:

Boonie had a blast with his cousins!!  Below from left to right getting ready to ride to the pool in Nana's truck:
Monet, Zach, Gabey, Marae, Lilah, Boonie, Avery, Seth, and Estelle being blinded by the sun.

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