Sunday, July 6, 2014

The 4th of July

I'm so glad Kyle and Stacey were up here visiting during the 4th.  First we went to a parade down in Hyrum where the kids got more candy than they do on Halloween night.  Marae was VERY cautious and I think she thought we were a little crazy running in the road for candy after we've told her so many times not to when there are cars in the road.  Sometimes she'd even run back to the house behind where we were sitting and stand on the porch when things got too loud.

I always feel guilty complaining about heat being from AZ and the summers there... but it was a little toasty out in the sun.  So we watched from the shade for a little while.

That night we went back to Hyrum for the fireworks show.  We decided to go early to get a good spot being the parade was SO CROWDED.  We went about 2 hours early.  We were probably one of the first 10 people there.  But at least we got a good spot!  Haha... for some reason it wasn't at all like the parade and nobody showed up until about 30 minutes before.  But we had things to keep us busy.

Stacey and I both decided that pregnancy profiles are the WORST.

Poor Darci was terrified of the sound of the fireworks.  She spent the majority after the sun went down like this.

This is a new favorite picture of mine.  We were watching the fireworks and turned around to see Marae sitting in the wagon like this.  She had dug through my purse and found her 'eyes' (sunglasses).  She is such a goofball!!

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