Friday, May 30, 2014

Elizabeth Lefler's Funeral

Elizabeth's funeral was Saturday, May 31st.  The evening before the whole family got together for a dinner.  During the dinner people got up and shared their favorite memories or fun stories about her.  It was very nice.  That night we stayed the night with Jann at Elizabeth's house.  I think Jann was happy to have us there.  I haven't been to many viewings/funerals but the viewing Friday evening was enormous.  The line went all around the church.  She was such a loved woman.

Saturday was her funeral.  It was such a beautiful ceremony.  The talks were touching and the spirit of this one lady's life was overwhelming.   The grandchildren (Mason, etc) sang a musical number.  As I've said before, I'm honored to have become a part of this lady's family.  She was an example to me in so many ways of love, service, patience, and many other things.  She will be greatly missed.

I was only able to capture pictures at the burial.  After the funeral each person was handed a rose to put on the casket.  She has so many in her family.  The funeral was filled about 10 rows back with just family.  The chapel was full with the overflow doors open and filled like you would see at a stake conference.  She was buried in Woodland.

She had two sprays of flowers.  One from her children and one from her grandchildren.
The oldest boy from each of Elizabeth's children carried the casket.

It was a sacred and beautiful day.  The tears that were shed at the funeral were not tears of sadness but tears of joy for a life well lived.  She was an angel and one that continues to be with us today.  She loved my children and I have no doubt that she will be instructing them before they are sent to me here on Earth.  Til we meet again...

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