Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cousin Visit!

Kyle and Stacey came up to visit the 3rd through the 6th.  Boone had been missing Darci so much so I'm so glad they came!  They came up to attend her brother's wedding.  They spent the 4th with us and we did lots of other things during the other 2 days as well.  Kyle had a new tamale maker so we had to test out his tamale making skills.  We made about 3 dozen and they were tasty!!

Below is Liesl (our neighbor downstairs) showing Marae and Kellen Jonah, their cat.

At the Pizza Pie Cafe... YUM!

Saturday evening we drove up the canyon to make tin foil dinners and let the kids run wild outdoors.  It was a nice night except for the massive amount of misquitos.  Luckily we had spray but they still got Mason and Boonie right in the middle of his forehead causing his face to swell incredibly.  Check later posts for those pictures.  We picniced right by a little river.

Boonie ventured out into the mud in his rainboots...

Oops!  When he fell he kept saying, YUCK, YUCK!  I of course was just laughing at him.  Luckily his nice uncle Kyle pulled him out using a stick.

Please notice Darci's exile chair back in the distance.  She'd go sit there whenever she got afraid of something.  Her throne.

While the tin foil dinners were cooking the father's decided to go back to the big river and swim.  Mason took Boonie and they both got all the way in... It must have been cold!!!

Marae wanted to join in the fun and Boonie decided to moon the camera.  Classic:

At home the kids took a much needed bath which was lots of fun... Darci had a much better time than she let off.

Thank goodness for cousins!!

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