Monday, June 2, 2014

Out with the old... in with the new.

So after our trip to Yellowstone we decided that we were just WAY too cramped in our little car.  Once you get a stroller in the trunk there was no room for anything else.  Plus Mason couldn't sit in the passenger seat because with Marae's seat he couldn't fit.  We were just too cramped, plus with a little one on the way we decided it was time to upgrade.  So we sold our trusty friend and upgraded to...

Duh...duh...duh... A MINI VAN!!  I was avidly 100% against mini vans until we started car shopping. I hated the look of them, I hated the conforming to momhood that it meant, and I hated the fact that it's guarenteed that my hips will get larger now that I own one.  But the room in the trunk that the mini SUV's didn't have and the price that the larger SUV's were just couldn't compare.  So looked for about a month and then the last week in May we saw a KILLER deal on KSL.  There was a family selling their 2012 Town and Country because they were leaving the country to go build the temple in Portugal.  We jumped on it and ended up with a beautiful new, sleek looking, fully loaded mini van.  It was such a blessing because it was about 4-5 years newer than anything we were looking at before in our price range.  It has a DVD player so Boonie is in heaven at all times - actually no, not at all times... only when we go on long trips.

Complete with back up camera and all!!  This was Boonie modeling how it worked so I could send it to my parents.

We've taken a couple trips in it and I must say... there is quite a difference in room and... we really like it... Like really.

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Nicole said...

Glad you got one, we love ours.