Tuesday, May 20, 2014


At the beginning of May I ordered caterpillars.  I use to do this with my students and still have the net so I figured why not?  The babies loved it.  We were worried they would hatch out of their chrysalis while we were in Yellowstone but the first one hatched out of it's shell the day we got back.  Perfect timing!  Also, notice all the beautiful flowers inside the net.  All of those were found and gathered from our backyard.  Springtime in Logan is gorgeous.

We kept them in the net for about 4 days then took them out to let them go.  It's so fun because the butterflies haven't been out in the sun before so when we take them out they just sit there and stretch their wings and hang out in the sunlight.  The kids can hold them and look at them closely.

There was one butterfly that couldn't fly when he hatched.  He looked normal but there was something wrong.  This little guy quickly became Boonie's pet.  I would see them in the backyard together.  Boonie would put him on his finger and carry him to different places.  One time I saw Boonie sitting and digging in the garden with his little butterfly sitting right on the bucket next to him.  It reminded me of a loyal pet dog.  It was pretty cute.  He'd kiss it all the time too.  He's such a lover.

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