Saturday, June 28, 2014

Klara Visit!

Klara kicked off our insane month of July.  We had so many things planned this month... I'm exhausted.  As I'm writing this it's only July 21st and we still have a trip to Arizona in the works for the next couple weeks to attend a funeral.  Here is the beginning of our crazy month of July.  Klara kicked it off with a week visit.  These pictures were taken up "North Mountain" as Boonie calls it.  It's actually the mountain to the East of us.  We figured out where he got the name North Mountain though... It's from Frozen.  We figured that out on one of our long road trips.  Silly Boonie.

We have a whole nature playground right in our backyard.  We live in such a beautiful place.  Boonie found tons of locus bugs and had them all over his arms.  I love taking my babies out in such a beautiful place.

Friday, June 27, 2014


Boonie did Tball at the beginning of the summer through River Heights.  He signed up with his friend Collin Kelstrom.  He loved it!  It was a lot of fun to watch and much more structured that soccer was last fall.  Here are some pictures from his 2nd to last game.  This was the day they got their trophies.  He was pretty proud.


This picture makes me laugh.  I told him to give me a thumbs up and he just stood there looking at me for a while.  I didn't realize it until I saw these pictures later that he actually was giving me a thumbs up - I just couldn't see it!  You can kinda see it poking out from behind him.  Cute little boy.

Mason helped coach and he had a lot of fun too.  Their team was actually really good.  It's too bad they weren't playing for real because I think they would have won!

Give me five!!  We've come to realize that Boonie just may be the only boy so we better soak up these moments.  He is such a sweet little boy and we couldn't love him more.

I like this last picture because of the creepy little sister in the background.  Oh Rae.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Numero Tres!

We found out March 18th that we were expecting baby number 3!!  Hooray!!  That makes this little one due November 23rd.  Perfect timing.  That's exactly as I had hoped.  Here is a picture of my darling little nugget at 8 weeks.

I had some heavy bleeding around 12 weeks and was worried I was going to lose the baby but it turned out to just be a blood clot and once it passed all was well.  When I was down in Arizona I was saying my prayers and I said without thinking, "Please bless this baby that he will grow healthy and strong and complete without any problems."  As I was finishing that sentence I had this wave/confirming thought that my little one inside was going to be a boy.  My mother's intuition with the other two kids has been right on.  I KNEW Boonie was a boy and that Marae was a girl.  So I came home telling Mason that we were having a little boy.  Deep down I wanted a girl so that I could see Marae have a close sister relationship like the one I've always dreamed of, but I've always seen myself as a mother of a lot of boys.  It's all I've ever known.

June 26th we got to find out the gender of our baby.  Everyone cast their vote.  Everyone in my family thought it was a boy.  Boonie thought it was a boy.  Mason thought it was a girl (later he told me only to be different from me).  A couple weeks before we were to find out I started to change my mind (which isn't allowed at this point being I had said I was 100% sure it was a boy).  I thought that it actually might be a girl because I was sicker with Marae and I felt the same way this time around.  I just didn't remember that at the beginning.  Well low and behold...  

IT'S A GIRL!!!!  When we were in with the ultrasound technician she asked us what we thought it was and we told her.  Then she said, "Well, looks like Daddy is right... it's a girl!"  I immediately started to cry and told her, "That's what I wanted!!!"  I was so happy and honestly in shock.  I couldn't believe it. I am so extremely excited.  Marae is so much fun and another little girl to bounce around will just be completely foreign and delightful.  We already love this little girl so much.  The names we are tossing around right now are: Celeste, Pieper, Sadie, and Jade.  Who knows what we will actually end up with... remember that Marae didn't have a name for the first two days of her life.

We came home and told Boonie what we were having by filling two black balloons with pink pieces of paper.  He had a pop the balloon and see what color paper came out in order to know.  He was a little stunned when it popped but once he realized it he yelled, "It's a guuurl!!"  He's very excited and will be a great big brother once again.  He has become more of a novelty as he may be the only boy!!  Who knows!!

Here is my darling little Miss covering her face for her first photo shoot at 18 weeks old:

Oh I love these chicken legs already!

When we showed Boonie this picture below he was a little taken aback... His darling baby sister looks like that!?  Monster!

We can't wait to meet you little one!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Happy 7 Years to Us!!!

I've been married to my hunk man for 7 years now!  7 years!  Holy smokes.  We celebrated our anniversary a week later by going to Elements, a restaurant we had never been to here in Logan.

It was yummy but I didn't feel very good (baby) so I just picked off of Mason's roasted chicken that was delicious.

Who knew 7 years would look this good!!  Haha... this isn't that great of a picture - but a picture none the less.  PS:  I really like Mason's long hair.  My mountain man.
My mom got us a copper dragonfly wind vane.  As always, that was so thoughtful and I just love it.  I think of her every time I walk out my front door and see it in my little flower garden.  This isn't a very good picture, but the kids like it too.

In the card my mom gave to us she wrote: Copper is given on the 7th anniversary because copper has had a traditional meaning of prosperity, good luck, and good fortune.  Couples who celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary can indeed celebrate the good fortune in find one another.

I love her tradition!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Out with the old... in with the new.

So after our trip to Yellowstone we decided that we were just WAY too cramped in our little car.  Once you get a stroller in the trunk there was no room for anything else.  Plus Mason couldn't sit in the passenger seat because with Marae's seat he couldn't fit.  We were just too cramped, plus with a little one on the way we decided it was time to upgrade.  So we sold our trusty friend and upgraded to...

Duh...duh...duh... A MINI VAN!!  I was avidly 100% against mini vans until we started car shopping. I hated the look of them, I hated the conforming to momhood that it meant, and I hated the fact that it's guarenteed that my hips will get larger now that I own one.  But the room in the trunk that the mini SUV's didn't have and the price that the larger SUV's were just couldn't compare.  So looked for about a month and then the last week in May we saw a KILLER deal on KSL.  There was a family selling their 2012 Town and Country because they were leaving the country to go build the temple in Portugal.  We jumped on it and ended up with a beautiful new, sleek looking, fully loaded mini van.  It was such a blessing because it was about 4-5 years newer than anything we were looking at before in our price range.  It has a DVD player so Boonie is in heaven at all times - actually no, not at all times... only when we go on long trips.

Complete with back up camera and all!!  This was Boonie modeling how it worked so I could send it to my parents.

We've taken a couple trips in it and I must say... there is quite a difference in room and... we really like it... Like really.