Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Randoms

There are wild turkies that live behind our house.  One was sitting out under the tree in our front yard one morning.  The kiddos were pretty exited to watch it strut away.

Marae woke up with major bed head after one of her morning naps (we officially stopped those this month).  I had to capture a picture of it's gloriousness. 

I've always wanted tulips.  I was worried that the deer had eaten them all but luckily they still came up. There is just something so cheerful about these flowers.  I will have these in my yard whenever we get a home.  I planted these last fall so I was pretty excited to see them come up.

Cinco de Mayo we had a dinner with our friends the Kelstrom's and the Peterson's.  After dinner we went over to the Kelstrom's and broke a pinata.  Ole.

Going around the table: Collin Kelstrom, Boone, Marae, Eve Peterson, Theron Peterson (the little head running away), and Ella Kelstrom.

One of my dear friends, Kim Powell, that I taught with at Ridgeline came up to visit me.  She currently lives in North Carolina but she was out visiting her in laws in American Fork and drove all the way up here to see me with her two cute kids that are the same age as mine.

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