Sunday, April 20, 2014


Dying Easter eggs was very exciting this year.  For some reason Marae was SO aggressive with her dunking of her eggs.  She would slam them in there causing the water to come splashing out and immediately grab them back out and do it again.  It was hilarious and messy.  Note to self:  Always dye eggs outside.

Easter weekend we drove down to Alpine.  Saturday we went to two Easter egg hunts.  The first one was in Alpine at a park.  The eggs weren't really hidden but it was still fun.  Boonie made the mad dash and got a lot of eggs.  It was so hard standing there waiting for the person in charge to say go.  Marae had to be contained until the whistle blew.

Right after the park in Alpine we heard about another egg hunt in Highland where the Easter bunny was going to be making an appearance.  Now the Easter bunny is not one that I care about EVER seeing, but we thought it may be fun.  So we ventured over to that one just in time for the hunt to start.  The one in Highland was much more busy that the Alpine one.  But the kids got to see the bunny and decorate cookies.

The bunny was only slightly terrifying to both of my children.

Here are my two BEAUTIFUL babies on Easter.  I certainly love these darling little ones.  This picture is my new favorite.

Boonie went to sunbeams in his new ward and came out looking like this...  The teacher thought it was a good idea to hand out blue ring pops to all the 3 year olds dressed in their new Easter clothes.......

Easter afternoon we had a family get together at Tom and Laura's.  We had a picnic outside and another Easter egg hunt with all the cousins.  I'm surprised I didn't get any pictures!!  We hid 200 eggs for that one.  Easter was a success this year!

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