Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arizona Trip

The following pictures are all the pictures taken on my mom's camera.  It covers the whole trip to Arizona - the whole 2 1/2 weeks.  We had a great time.  We took a lot of naps, rested, and played.  I wasn't feeling too well being in the first trimester but it was still nice to be at Grandma's and have some help.  Part of the reason we stayed so long was because Mason had a conference in Philadelphia that he attended for a week.

I love all these pictures of my babies in the pool.  Their expressions (especially Marae's are hilarious in each one).

The weather was just right for the kiddie pool.  The big pool was cold though.  But Boonie insisted on going in and of course when Marae saw him jump in she had to join in too.  Boonie stayed in for a while and even jumped off the diving board!!!  Crazy kid!

I love his face right after he jumped in.  I think the cold gave him a little shock!  Didn't stop him for long though.

We went up to Kyle and Stacey's where we found out they are expecting #3 baby as well!!  Stacey is due about a month and a half before me.  So exciting!  I love that we are always pregnant together.  It makes for great cousin fun!  We had a yummy dinner at their house and then went out for ice cream.  Boonie also attended Darci's dance class.  That was pretty hilarious to watch as he had MUCH MORE energy than any of those little girls.  I think the teacher secretly hoped that we wouldn't sign up after our 'trial class' because Boonie was kind of the ring leader of messing up marching lines in there.

Kyle and Stacey came down one of the weekends we were there.  Kyle made a little movie with the kids.  Boonie loved dressing up.

The cousins spent the night and we all went to the Tucson zoo in Grandma's new car - a 2010 Ford Flex.  Pretty fancy!!  The zoo was a nice zoo.  It seems to be tradition with all of us to go to zoos together!

Randoms at Grandma's:

I especially like these next two because those are the two my dad took while he was babysitting one night.  My mom and I went out to get pedicures and chinese food.  He stayed home and played with the babies.  Marae looks like a tank in both of them.

Grandma (my mom) got pulled over for going to fast in her fancy new car on the way home one day.  We sweet talked our way out of it, but Boonie was so worried that we were all going to jail.

April 9th was Grandma Widman's 88th birthday.  We got to go up and celebrate her party.  She enjoyed watching the kids - even if we weren't sure she knew what was going on, she liked seeing everyone.  She asked me why I never come visit anymore.  She has a hard time remembering things.  I was glad I could be there to show her my love.  Boonie saved a sticker he had gotten earlier that day to give to her for her birthday.  He's so sweet.  He tries to be brave around both his great grandma's even though he thinks they are scary.  I'm so proud of him.  He's the sweetest little boy.

The sisters:  Aunt Dora, Carol and Grandma
We flew home on the 11th.  It was a nice long trip and we picked a good time to go because it snowed twice while we were down there.  We came back to a beautiful warm spring.

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