Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Randoms and GIRLS DAY!

To start things off... Marae got a new awesome bruise.  This was the day after we returned home from AZ.  There's no place like home.  She hit her head on the bottom shelf of our end table.  I'll tell you what though, the amount of bruises this little girl has had does not slow her down in the least.

Look at that sassy little evil expression.  She knows exactly what she's doing - at all times.  Mess maker!!

On April 23rd Emily Townsley my old college roomie and I had a much anticipated girls day.  We drove down to city creek mall in Salt Lake.  We started off getting our makeup done.

Then it just so happened that my other college roomie Kara Miller who I haven't seen since my wedding was in town so we met up with her, Natalie De St Joer, and Eric Allen for lunch.  It was just a glorious day of reunions for me and I loved every second of it!!

Emily, Ada, Lola, Kara, Beau (Natalie's baby), Matt
Bryan, Natalie De St Jeor, Eric Allen, Kari
 After lunch we went shopping.  In the dressing room we rocked out just like old times.  We ended up getting those matching shirts.  I can't tell you how much fun we had. I love this picture below - Emily is the best.

We had to follow tradition and go to Leatherby's for some DELICIOUS ice cream.  Quintin was missed.

Natalie, Kara, me 
Natalie, me, Kara, Eric
Back to the random picures - we made homemade pizzas for dinner one night.  The kids had fun making them.  Marae made this one below all by herself.

Mason had an audition for a deity role for the church and he needed new head shots.  While we were taking those we got a couple cute ones of him and the kids.

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