Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Traveling to AZ

After Brigadoon I went home with my mom in her NEW FORD FLEX that we were all drooling over.  It was quite a comfy ride complete with built in DVD player that Boonie loved.  We drove halfway to Kanab and spent the night down there.  We didn't have a crib so Marae got to sleep with mommy while Boonie slept with Grandma.  Surprisingly everyone slept really well and it was fun snuggling with my dolly all night.  Although I don't think she was too comfortable.  She kept running, literally running, all over the bed all night.  At one point I caught her mid air as she was running across my feet taking a flying leap off the end of the bed - all while she was asleep.  We had to document it with creepy pictures of me.

The kids loved being in Grandma's backyard where they could roam around free without me yelling at them to get away from the river, road, etc.  Someday we will have a fenced in yard again.  They both loved the sandbox.  Deedee (Marae's blankie) was not allowed out in the sandbox but somehow she just kept making her way out there.

I gave Boonie a 'real' haircut while down there.  I didn't just buzz it like we normally do and it turned out really cute!

We had to set the pool up immediately.  It was summer weather and they knew that meant water!!  We went down at the right time because while we were down there visiting it snowed in Logan twice.  We are certainly ready for spring!

Boonie insisted that he wanted to go swimming in Grandma's pool which we all knew was going to be freezing.  But he did.  Even though he doesn't look like he's enjoying it here.  He stayed in for a little while and so did Marae.  Crazy babies.

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