Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Catching Up...

A month has gone by!!  Here are a few glimpses from our month:

He insisted on wearing this outfit and posing like this. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day with chocolate fondue.  It was sure yummy!  Marae kept signing 'please' for more so her chest ended up looking like this.

Then Boonie had to join in the chocolatey fun.

Marae dumped a cup of milk on Boonie's head.  I think he was more shocked that his darling baby sister would do such a thing to him.  Plus it was cold.  What did I do?  Grabbed a camera.

Pure evil:

It's been getting warmer lately so we've taken every chance we could get to go outside.  Here is Boonie with his two best buddies Collin and Ella Kelstrom.  We are trying to arrange Boonie and Ella's wedding now.

I've taken up running in hopes of losing a few inches off my waist before I have to fit into my slinky dress for Brigadoon next week.  I borrowed a friend's jogging stroller.  I liked the way my two little burrito babies looked.

While out one day we found a kitty that looked just like Wedgie Wedgie - Nana's cat.  The cat was so friendly we had to stop and say hello.

Marae had a blanket wedgie for a while there.

Little Rae turned 18 months on March 1st officially allowing her to attend nursery at church.  She has yet (the past two weeks) made it more than 30 minutes.  She still takes a morning nap and just can't seem to make it all the way through.  But she does go in happily... once her tiredness over takes she just cries until Mason takes her home.  This picture was for her first week of nursery.  She sure looked cute in her springy outfit and new bow I made her.

Mason and Marae have the same hair right now as Mason is growing his out.  I'll have to get a better picture when both of their hair looks as if they've been blown out of a cannon.  It's pretty cute.

And that's us in a nutshell!!  Brigadoon is coming up next week.  Along with my parents.  Then we are driving home with them for 3 weeks while Mason goes to a conference to speak in Philadelphia the first week of April.  Lots of fun things going on right now!!

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