Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Traveling to AZ

After Brigadoon I went home with my mom in her NEW FORD FLEX that we were all drooling over.  It was quite a comfy ride complete with built in DVD player that Boonie loved.  We drove halfway to Kanab and spent the night down there.  We didn't have a crib so Marae got to sleep with mommy while Boonie slept with Grandma.  Surprisingly everyone slept really well and it was fun snuggling with my dolly all night.  Although I don't think she was too comfortable.  She kept running, literally running, all over the bed all night.  At one point I caught her mid air as she was running across my feet taking a flying leap off the end of the bed - all while she was asleep.  We had to document it with creepy pictures of me.

The kids loved being in Grandma's backyard where they could roam around free without me yelling at them to get away from the river, road, etc.  Someday we will have a fenced in yard again.  They both loved the sandbox.  Deedee (Marae's blankie) was not allowed out in the sandbox but somehow she just kept making her way out there.

I gave Boonie a 'real' haircut while down there.  I didn't just buzz it like we normally do and it turned out really cute!

We had to set the pool up immediately.  It was summer weather and they knew that meant water!!  We went down at the right time because while we were down there visiting it snowed in Logan twice.  We are certainly ready for spring!

Boonie insisted that he wanted to go swimming in Grandma's pool which we all knew was going to be freezing.  But he did.  Even though he doesn't look like he's enjoying it here.  He stayed in for a little while and so did Marae.  Crazy babies.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Dinosaur Park - Ogden

The Saturday of the show while my parents were here we drove down to Ogden to meet up with Ryan, Stacey, and Jack.  We went to a dinosaur park they have down there and took an insane amount of pictures.

Boonie was a little nervous around the mechanical dinosaurs and when one growled at him he tried to grab Marae and run.  He's so protective.

He warmed up once he realized they weren't going anywhere.

Cute little cross-eyed Jack.

We are loving the 'warmer' weather!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I was so lucky to be a part of our stake musical Brigadoon.  I haven't been a part of a play since my senior year in high school.  Also, I had never been a part of the behind the scenes crew.  I was asked to be the vocal director of this production way back in November.  The director Jan Benson had heard of my name from one of my only friends here Amy Lacey.  I was honored that both she and he thought I was capable to take on such a major task.  It was stressful for a while but once it all came together I had SO MUCH FUN.  Plus I was the stage manager and I realized that I really do like being in control because bossing people around the first night of staging the props I was on fire like never before.  Mason said I came home just glowing.  

But I honestly loved it.  The cast was fabulous and made up of 75% my ward because I was begging everyone I knew to audition.  It was just wonderful.  I can't say it enough.  Here are some pictures that just don't do it justice.  For a stake play put on in a church building the scenery, props, costumes, lighting, microphones were professional.  I've had A LOT of experience with plays in my lifetime and I was just so impressed with how it all came together.

End of MacConnachy Square
Fiona - this girl had the voice of an angel.

Oh yes, and I was in it for like 5 minutes at the end.  I played the snotty fiancee who ends up getting left in the end.  I had to squeeze into a slinky dress and wear all kinds of 1920s glamour.  

End of the chase - my landlord Ken Cannon is the one in the red up front.  I conned him into auditioning too.  I basically just said, if you don't audition - I'm not paying rent.

Amy Lacey and I - my fellow 1920s fancy lady.
Boonie was excited to see the play.  He had been hearing the music so much and had been to a ton of rehearsals while Mason was at school.  He sat on the front row.

My wonderfully supportive parents came up to see it.  They both loved it - which means a lot coming from my dad too!!
Amy Lacey and Rodney Bean - I'll never forget him singing "Ale for sale and barter there at the fair laddy...."  Bless my executive secretary's heart!!
The director Jan Benson himself.  He was great and really made me feel appreciated.  He repeatedly told me how there was no way he could have done this without me.  It's true... I can be humble, but really did so much for this show.  I should have basically been in the program as co-director as well.  What a wonderful experience!!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beginning of March randoms

One night around 10 as we were going to bed we went in and checked on Boonie and this is what we found.  He had colored all over himself and the carpet and was feeling quite ashamed of himself.  We didn't get too mad at him because we could clearly see the guilt on his face.  I think the poor little boy just couldn't help himself.

This one is my favorite because you can clearly see him holding back tears.  He knew he had done wrong.

There's an ice cream shop here in Logan called Charlie's.  Someone had given us a gift certificate there.  Marae thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Can her little mouth get any bigger??  I love it.

Grandma and Grandpa came up to visit for a couple days on the 19th.  They came up during my dad's spring break to see the play and their beloved grandchildren.  They spent the first part of the week with Jack in Salt Lake and the 2nd half with us in Logan.

Please notice Marae chewing on the wood in the background.

My mom took Boonie on a date to see Brigadoon Saturday night.  They went out to dinner before hand.  Here was their date night selfie.