Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Snow Week

Last week it snowed a TON!!  Yay!!  We've been waiting for it to really dump like everyone warned us about.  It's been a pretty mild winter and Boonie has been asking to go out and make a snowman since Christmas!  The two pictures below are before it snowed.  This snow that was on the ground was the iced over crunchy snow.  We've been going a little stir crazy being cooped up inside so I decided to pull the babies to the river to look at it in the snow.

About a minute after I took this picture below Boonie fell in head first.  He was leaning over to get a stick and with the bulk of his snowsuit he toppled over.  I didn't see it happen or hear anything.  I turned around and he was silently sprawled arms outstretched in the river.  It was so cold it took his breath away.  Poor little guy.  We went right home and took his snowsuit off.  Those suits are certainly waterproof because it always held all the water in.  He got to take a nice warm bath after that.

We woke up Monday morning to a TON of snow!!  We were all so happy and had to go out and play in it.

Marae was making this face because of the tractors down the street that were making so much noise.  Every time they'd send something crashing she'd make this face - so basically she looked like this for 5 minutes straight.

Checking out the tractors:

It continued to snow all week.  Friday we went out and made an awesome sled run into our neighbors yard.  It started at the top, curved, went for a while, and then curved at the end.  We had friends over too and all the kids loved it!  It was Mason's construction idea before he went to work one morning.  We had just been going down the hill straight.

Boonie got to make his snowman!!

Good thing we didn't wait a day to build this snowman or go sledding because the next day it rained and melted almost all the snow.

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