Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Saturday Feb. 1st we drove down to Alpine.  Mason's mom, Laura, was diagnosed with chronic cancer.  She found a dark spot on her ankle and had it checked out.  She was going in for her test the upcoming Tuesday the 4th and the whole family got together to give her a blessing.  The test would reveal if the cancer was originating in her bone marrow or just forming from her blood.  If it was from her bone marrow she would have to have chemotherapy and if it was just centralized in her ankle they could do radiation on the spot and it would be gone.  It was very shocking to hear all of this.  Poor Mason was so upset... I mean who wouldn't be.  It's your mother after all.  Laura has been very upset over it but trying to be strong.  When we got to their house the mood was very somber.  Tom was having the hardest time.  He's such a strong man and he was fighting back tears or in tears the whole time.  The thought of his wife leaving him first was more than he could bare.  It was a very tender morning.  

Laura got her blessing, Danielle listened over skype, and we had a nice lunch together.  Luckily the results came back with as good of news as everyone could hope for.  The cancer cells were not being generated in her bone marrow so she won't need chemotherapy.  They will just localize the radiation and she'll have to get checked every now and then.  Thank goodness.

This picture below is so tender.  Marae doesn't snuggle anyone... she's always too busy on the run.  After the blessing she went up to Tom's feet and asked to be picked up.  She laid her head on his shoulder for (I'm not kidding you) about 5 minutes.  We even took a movie of it.  She just sat there and he rubbed her back.  There is something so comforting in a baby's hug, let alone one that lasts that long.  I think she knew her Papa needed that long hug.  Tom quoted the verse in Malachi 4:6 "...turning the hearts of the children to their fathers..."  It was so sweet.

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