Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Outdoor Ice skating

At the end of our street they have opened up an outdoor ice skating rink.  It's so cute and feels like a step back in time every time I drive by it.  It's free to skate on unless you want to rent skates.  There are always cute families out there and couples holding hands.  It just adds to another reason why I love Logan.

On the MLK holiday we got our babies bundled up and went out.  It was warmer (like 35) that day so we decided to go then.

Boonie was a little too small to quite grasp it but he thought his skates were pretty cool.

Marae ice skates in her stroller.  After we pushed the stroller around for a while we got the sled out that was in the back of our car and pulled them around on that.  That worked better than anything.

It was a quick and fun outing.  I love my little family.

Marae just wanted to walk on the ice and she actually did pretty well.  She wanted to follow all the other skaters around.

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