Wednesday, January 29, 2014

End of January Randoms

This month has just zipped on by!!  I feel like we just had Christmas and I'm already celebrating my birthday week.  Yes, you read that right.  Mason has declared this my birthday week being my mom isn't around this year to really stretch it out.  I've been getting two gifts a morning and last night we went to the USU game without the babies.  Friday we are going out to dinner and Saturday I have a girls night planned.  

Anyway... enough about my birthday week.  Last Tuesday I had an unexpected visitor!!  Tanya Gardener just happened to be passing by from a funeral her family was attending in Idaho.  We got to spend the afternoon together and catch up.  She's been my best friend since 4th grade... my longest friend and I just adore her.  I love that we pick up right where we left off.  She lives in Texas so who knows when the next time I'll be able to see her again will be. 

My little darlings have entered a whole new stage as they often do when they grow so fast.  Marae is coming up on 17 months - almost a year and a half and this little lady is just a ball of fire.  She is so sassy and 'spirited' that she cracks us up and drives us bonkers (as Boonie has started to quote me) all at the same time.  She has got a spicy attitude and when something rubs her the wrong way, even if it's just her water cup running out of water, she'll throw the most spectacular tantrum you've ever seen.  If she happens to be sitting in her high chair she'll start flailing her arms back and forth until she's knocked everything off the tray.  If she's standing up, you better catch her, because she'll throw herself back and start thrashing around like a wild cat (including the sounds), and if there is anything in her sight she'll pick it up and throw it.  Most days it's funny and we are working on helping her figure out there are better ways to cope.... but my goodness little lady.  This has all developed within the past two weeks too.  Good thing you are as darling as you are little Raeby.

She loves to dip her food.  Below we were at Cafe Sabor and she insisted on dipping her chips in the salsa.  Of course it was too hot and she didn't know that drinking water will calm the heat in her mouth and slapped it away while screaming each time.  But after she got the heat out she insisted she wanted more salsa because she likes to dip.  So here she is dipping her chip in ketchup.  Don't judge.  Choose your battles people.

Pretty gross if you ask me...

Boonie is at such a fun age.  My mom always told me that 3 year olds were her favorite age and she may have been right.  He's so sweet and always wanting to please.  He adores me and his sister.  He's got my back too... the other day I was wearing sweat pants while holding Marae and Mason came by and depantsed me.  Before I could reach down to pull them up Boonie was already there pulling them up for me.  Cute little Boonie.

I'm taking this story off my Facebook page to post and remember:
Yesterday Boone said, "I love beating Rae up." I was surprised to hear him say this being we've never said anything of the sort. I repeatedly asked him what?? And he continued to say the same thing. Then I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "Rae's growing up bigger but I'm growing up bigger faster. I'm beating Rae up." 

I'm glad that's not what he really meant.

I love it when I catch these two sitting so close on the couch watching TV.  They are little buddies and so much fun.

Yes the couch cushions are off in the picture below.  That's one of their favorite games is to take them all off and either jump on them or make a tent out of the cushions with blankets.

I know I say it all the time but I am so blessed.

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