Friday, December 27, 2013

The Lefler Christmas Party

Two days after we got home from Arizona we drove down to Alpine for the Lefler Christmas party.  On the way down we stopped in Sandy at the Dicken's Festival to watch Mason's nieces dance.  We took this picture below because I was so sad that I didn't get the kids pictures with Santa at the ward Christmas party the night before and I also thought we could get one at the Festival but I wasn't willing to pay 25 dollars for something I knew they just scream through.  Mason said this would do - and he promised me at that moment that we would find a Santa somewhere to take a picture with before the season was over.

Here is the ward party that we sang in.  Mason and I did a duet but realized that the microphone wasn't on the last page of our song.  Oh well.  Glad I didn't know I was singing a solo the whole time.  I laugh at this picture below because it's Mary, Joseph, Jesus and his random big sister who wouldn't go to anyone else.

After the festival we saw the reindeer outside.  Marae was excited about the giant 'kitty.'  Everything is a kitty to her.

At the Lefler's the cousins played while we made dinner.  Boonie kept saying how excited he was to play with Goofy.  It took me a while to realize he was talking about his cousin Woofy.

The dreaded kids table.  Poor Boonie.  Gracie and Lyla kinda ganged up on Boonie and he got in a bit of trouble with only a minor food fight.  I'm sure they will warm up to each other eventually.

After dinner we did the Nativity.  Boonie wanted to be a shepherd this year.

Shepherd Boonie and Shepherd Woofy.

After the nativity the kids did their white elephant gift exchange.  Luckily no one stole gifts.  That would have been fatal with little kids.  Boonie got some bubble bath and a mini gum ball machine.

Then the adults did their white elephant gift exchange.  Mason and I made out like thieves this year.  We got 4 movie tickets in Rough Stone Rolling and a 25 dollar gift card to Walmart.  It was fun and crazy all at the same time.  The Lefler's are such fun people!!

We stayed two more days after that.

A real 'kitty'!!!  Anytime Marae found Wedge she'd follow her around relentlessly.

Another Christmas party success!!

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