Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa and Lights

Monday while we were at the Lefler's I heard about a candy cane hunt over in Draper where Santa would visit at the end.  So on our way back home we went to the candy cane hunt.  It was so cute!!  It was for kids 3-6 years old.  Boonie found seriously 20 candy canes and also got a toy car because he found a special one.  Marae was in candy cane heaven!!

And then Santa showed up on a FIRE TRUCK!!  Boonie was so excited about that!  We knew that Santa was going to be disasterous due to the ward party where Marae wouldn't have anything to do with him and Boonie wouldn't go within 3 feet of the guy.  But he did manage to tell him at the party that he wanted a lot of cars for Christmas so this visit was solely to get the picture.  I set Boonie up on his lap first in hopes to buy some time.  Before I set him on his lap he started to pull my hair as hard as he could (he's never done that before) causing my anniversary earring to go flying (I found it).  He was arching his back and crying.  Santa was hilarious and locked his arm around him snuggly like a seat belt.  Click.  Then we set Marae down with a candy cane in hopes that would hold her.  The progression of her in the photos makes me laugh:

Who the heck is this!?

I'm outta here!!
That's it!!  Self destruct!!!
Merry Christmas!!!
At least I got my Santa photo.  We have no idea where the candy cane went that was in her hand.  I'm guessing it's in Santa's beard somewhere.

After that we had dinner at Pho 33 with Mason's parents and then went up to see the temple lights.

We made it home safely and things finally got to calm down.  It was a crazy and busy start to December.  

Santa's little helper Jack came to visit us this year.  Boonie named him and absolutely loved him.  He was so cute the way he would talk to him.  I didn't get too many pictures of Jack this year.  Only two.  Here were two of my favorites:

Boonie was so excited in this picture.  He cracks me up.  The next day Marae picked Jack up and tried to put him back in the chimney- something you are NOT suppose to do - it makes him lose his magic.  Boonie was appalled at his darling baby sister and shook bells over him to give him his magic back.  He's such a cute little boy.

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