Wednesday, December 18, 2013

November Randoms

Let's start with early November where my two cuties are watching Little Einsteins and doing the blast off rocket.

Boone right before his haircut.  He cried for probably 30 minutes after Mason cut it and asked him to glue it back on.

Boone drew on my couch (the first time he has ever written on anything other than paper) seriously the day after I got it back from the dry cleaners.  It hadn't been dry cleaned in 3 years.  Children.  Luckily I got 90 percent of it out and you can only see it if you look really really close.

We went down to Ogden and spent the day with Frankie and Emily Townsley.  We went to a train park and these two little boys had a ball.  Luckily these two are the same speed and get along really well together.

This one is my favorite.  I love how mischevious they look.

Thanksgiving projects Boonie and I did:

For the turkey below we added a feather every day when he woke up in the morning.  He came up with these things entirely on his own.  I love reading what my darling 3 year old is thankful for.  One of my favorites is that he was thankful for O's.  The letter O is very important to him.

Have I ever mentioned how much I adore having a little girl and how much fun she is to dress up!?

We put up our decorations the weekend before Thanksgiving.  Our tree toppled over as we were putting it up nearly breaking Boonie's heart but Mason duck taped that thing and got it to stand.  We are now in the market for a new tree.  I love having a fireplace to hang out decorations over.

Marae feeling quite proud of herself for climbing up and sitting on Ryan's mantle.

We caught a mouse in our bathroom.  Mason went to go find some lotion and he found a corn/bean bag that had a whole chewed through it.  He started to unload the cabinet and saw the little guy run into my box of tampons.  I quickly grabbed the spider traps we had on hand and Mason chased him onto one while I observed from inside the bathtub.  My kind hearted husband then took him down the road and put oil on his little body to get him off so he could run free.  My mom use to do the same thing...  YUCK!

Looks comfy enough...

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