Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Arizona

The first week in December I flew down to Arizona to take Nutcracker pictures and have Christmas with my family.  The flight down was great and the proof is that the lady sitting next to us asked me if Boonie was always that well behaved and calm...  That says it all right there.  The only thing is that Marae didn't want to take a nap on me.  We flew right over her naptime and she was tired.  She finally reached her arms out to the lady next to us (who was a grandmother to 8) and curled up and went to sleep.  Little stinker... didn't want to sleep on me!!  I was only semi offended.

I did the pictures for the play this year and it was surprisingly easy and low key.  Boonie and I went to the play Saturday night.  Here I am with my handsome little date.  We also went to Frozen with Darci and Boone and my mom that day.

Sunday we had Christmas with my family.  It was the first time we've all been together (minus Mason - so I guess that doesn't really count) in a year.

One or the other of these cousins has super powers.  Either Boonie gained super strength or Darci can move like lightening.

The kids were SO EXCITED to be opening presents.

Who needs presents!?  Boxes are better!!

My dad finally got his Ipad Air.  This is his pride and joy.

We took family picutures (dang it Mason for finals!!).  They turned out so nice.  I haven't edited them yet... someday...

I love this picture of all the cousins.

Baby Jack!!!

It was kind of a hectic trip with so many people in the house and Eric detoxifying himself.  But with every family holiday comes it's drama.  It was nice to be home but hard to do so without Mason.  Jack was sick with the croup the whole time which required my kids to be quiet - fat chance.  It was a fun visit but I was certainly exhausted when we got home.  

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