Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013!!

Here were my two Christmas babies the Sunday before Christmas.  I am so blessed with two healthy, smart, spirited little darlings.  I love them so much.

This picture above almost didn't happen.  It was actually the last one I took.  Here are the rest... My busy little girlie didn't want to have anything to do with taking a picture.

Then we added a distraction:

Here was our Christmas card this year:

The 23rd we went sledding on the new sled Nana gave us.  There is a great hill right behind our house at the nature park.  The kids loved it.

Christmas Eve we went to an old folks home with 3 other families in our ward: The Kelstrom's, Peterson's, and Murdock's.  We all sang Christmas songs with the old people.  It was very nice.  Boonie wanted to sing, "I am a Child of God" all by himself in front of them.  I was so proud.  It was a great start to Christmas and I think we will carry that tradition on from now on.

After the caroling we went bowling with the Peterson's and Kelstrom's and then had a brunch at the Kelstrom's house.

We had a great day.  That night we put out cookies and carrots for the reindeer.  It was absolutely magical with Boonie being 3 years old.  He was so sweet and so full of wonder.  He kept telling us over and over how Santa was going to get down the chimney.  He even went outside and looked for him once.  He couldn't get to sleep.  He barely fell asleep right before we did at 9:30.

We read Luke 2 and acted out the Nativity with their Little People Nativity Set.  Boonie got to open some new pajamas, we sang a couple Christmas songs, left the cookies out, read a couple Christmas books and then went to sleep.  He made sure to tell Jack the Elf goodbye.  He thanked him for always playing 'hide and seek' with him each morning.  The whole night was so sweet and special.  I loved spending it with my little family.

Marae was so curious as to why a plate full of cookies was placed at her level:

He was so particular as to where we place the milk and cookies.

Then Santa came!!

The next morning Marae woke up at 7:30 with no Boonie in tow.  So we sent Marae in there to wake him up - he never oversleeps.  He saw her come in and basically flew out of bed asking if Santa had come.  We opened stockings and then had breakfast.

Boonie must have been good this year because Santa brought him what he asked for - lots of cars!!  Marae got a remote that she loves - of course.  She has an obsession with those things.

My sweet little darlings got all kinds of spoiled this year!!  I love their kitchen.  Marae especially loves to play with the food.  It was a wonderful Christmas!!

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