Friday, November 8, 2013


Marae is going through her wobbly stage.  This poor little girl can't seem to walk across our small little house without at least one incident.  I think the problem is she looks up while walking so she won't see things on the ground (no matter how hard I try and keep things off the floor) plus she carries her blankie around (even though I always hide it from her) and that makes her trip too.  She had two major falls this week.  The first one she fell in the hallway and hit her head on an open drawer corner leaving a MASSIVE goose egg on her forehead.  The other one happened when we left her at a friends house so we could go out to dinner on a mini-date.  She fell and hit her jaw on a scooter.  Poor little girl with all these bumps and bruises!!

Her face as so swollen the day after she hit her jaw.  She didn't even look like herself.

We had our first snow (that stuck) Sunday morning the 3rd.  Boonie was so excited to see it falling and stuck to the ground.  He had to go out and play in it.  He liked brushing all the snow off the cars and eating it.  

Then we had to make some snow for his cars to drive around in with baking soda.  We added vinegar later to give them a carwash.

These photos below were some taken back in October down by the river behind our house. 

Marae sported a new-do.  She had her first ponytail.  She looked like a little ballerina.  It didn't last long because of how busy she is and rubbing her head on who knows what... but she sure is cute.  Unfortunately she has a massive 5-head like her mother though.  Sorry Rae.  :)

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