Thursday, November 7, 2013

Leading up to Halloween

There were so many fun things going on leading up to Halloween.  Boonie goes to preschool one day a week at the elementary school.  It's a short little thing and I get to stay there with him and do a craft after the lesson.  The kids got to dress up being it was the day before Halloween.  Boone insisted on wearing the raccoon eyes from Marae's costume.  Pick your battles right?  I think his 'teachers' were a bit confused as to what he was.

Here are two of his friends Eve and Theron Peterson.

A couple days before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  We had gotten two bumpy ones at the farmers market that looked like they had warts on them, but they were so hard you couldn't cut into them.  So we painted those and carved these two.  Boonie helped Mason by picking the face and I attempted to carve Rae.

I love the head banging action going on in these shots.

Boonie didn't want anything to do with the goo inside.  But he loved eating the roasted seeds after!

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