Friday, November 8, 2013


Marae is going through her wobbly stage.  This poor little girl can't seem to walk across our small little house without at least one incident.  I think the problem is she looks up while walking so she won't see things on the ground (no matter how hard I try and keep things off the floor) plus she carries her blankie around (even though I always hide it from her) and that makes her trip too.  She had two major falls this week.  The first one she fell in the hallway and hit her head on an open drawer corner leaving a MASSIVE goose egg on her forehead.  The other one happened when we left her at a friends house so we could go out to dinner on a mini-date.  She fell and hit her jaw on a scooter.  Poor little girl with all these bumps and bruises!!

Her face as so swollen the day after she hit her jaw.  She didn't even look like herself.

We had our first snow (that stuck) Sunday morning the 3rd.  Boonie was so excited to see it falling and stuck to the ground.  He had to go out and play in it.  He liked brushing all the snow off the cars and eating it.  

Then we had to make some snow for his cars to drive around in with baking soda.  We added vinegar later to give them a carwash.

These photos below were some taken back in October down by the river behind our house. 

Marae sported a new-do.  She had her first ponytail.  She looked like a little ballerina.  It didn't last long because of how busy she is and rubbing her head on who knows what... but she sure is cute.  Unfortunately she has a massive 5-head like her mother though.  Sorry Rae.  :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Halloween morning my old roommate Emily Townsley (Turner) came up from Ogden with her two little boys.  Frankie and Boonie are the same age minus a month (actually today is his birthday!).  They had lots of fun trick or treating downtown. It was a busy morning with lots of little ones to keep track of but it's so nice to be close to a best friend again.  It makes even the insane hard moments of motherhood easy.  After trick or treating downtown through the shops we went to Cafe Sabor where we got free lunches for the kids because they were in costume.  Emily dressed up as Tinkerbell and Frankie and JJ were Peter Pan and Captain Hook.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them!!  It was a great way to start off the day!!

Quite the crew right here!!  When we went to lunch there was one moment where all our kids were going crazy and we just sat back and laughed and said, "If only we could have had a glimpse of this when we were in college.  We would have loved it!"

Frankie - 2, Boone -3, Marae - 1, JJ - 4 Months

I got some great pictures of Daniel Boone that I just love.  He posed so well!!  Of course he was being bribed with a piece of candy but I love each of his expressions in these.

This one is my favorite.  He is so stinking cute!!

Marae was just as adorable in her butterfly costume, but she wasn't as willing to pose for me.  So we got some action shots in her costume.

I don't even want to think about how much candy Marae ate that night.  I don't know how she kept getting it either.  Every time we'd turn around she'd have a new piece or a sucker or something.  I know she ate pieces of wrapper and cardboard too.  Crazy little girl with a sweet tooth.

This is how we traveled around that night.  It was cold but not too cold.  Surprisingly there weren't a ton of kids on the streets.  I honestly thought the streets were going to be packed.  But the kids didn't mind and they got plenty of candy!!

Here are some of Boone's Halloween crafts that we made throughout the month.  He's been so much fun with this holiday this year.

And last but not least here is the disaster raccoon costume that I had attempted to make.  I wasn't going to actually use the white tutu but I had it on as an experiment.  Now you know...

Happy Halloween!!

Leading up to Halloween

There were so many fun things going on leading up to Halloween.  Boonie goes to preschool one day a week at the elementary school.  It's a short little thing and I get to stay there with him and do a craft after the lesson.  The kids got to dress up being it was the day before Halloween.  Boone insisted on wearing the raccoon eyes from Marae's costume.  Pick your battles right?  I think his 'teachers' were a bit confused as to what he was.

Here are two of his friends Eve and Theron Peterson.

A couple days before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  We had gotten two bumpy ones at the farmers market that looked like they had warts on them, but they were so hard you couldn't cut into them.  So we painted those and carved these two.  Boonie helped Mason by picking the face and I attempted to carve Rae.

I love the head banging action going on in these shots.

Boonie didn't want anything to do with the goo inside.  But he loved eating the roasted seeds after!