Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Saturday was our ward trunk or treat party.  There was a potluck soup dinner and then trick or treating afterwards.  Boonie dressed up as Daniel Boone and Marae was his trusty sidekick, a raccoon, up until 5 minutes before we left.  Her costume was a disaster - it was Boone's cow costume from two years ago that I dyed gray and tried to glue raccoon looking fur on it.  Needless to say she looked like a combination of a fraggle/koala/cow gone bad plus she couldn't walk in the thing because she's a bit smaller than Boonie was at that age so we dumped it and performed operation butterfly and made it to the party in style.

I didn't take many pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I'll take more tomorrow night.  The few I did get of Boonie didn't turn out so well because he was so excited to get candy that he kept twirling his gun like a baton and they all came out blurry.  So here is a glimpse of my cute little Daniel Boone.

Mason and I went as Bob Ross and his painting.  Mason painted that painting in 15 minutes and couldn't have been more proud of the light shading and his squirrel.  He's seriously talented!!!  I can't even imagine what my attempt at a tree would have looked like!!

My darling butterfly.  I'll get a better one of her without the coat on tomorrow.  Good thing we had those wings and tutu on hand!!

Notice our new candy dish being put to use!?  Thanks again Karna!!

Only a couple more days until the candy frenzie is over!!

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