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Manuel Leos Leybas

1940s World War II Picture?

While in Arizona for Grandpa's funeral we went through his pictures.  I wanted a copy of a ton of them.  These are just a few of my favorites.  There are still many, many more.  I just love looking at these old black and white pictures.  I just can't imagine what life was like back then.  97 years old... what a lifetime of events and world changes.

Manuel Leos with his brother Tachio Leybas

During the funeral each of the grandchildren got up and shared some memories of Grandpa.  Here are a few of my favorite memories of him:

  • He always arrived early.  On the days when he was coming to visit we would wake up in morning and he'd be there.  I remember looking out my window and seeing his truck parked in the front yard.  My dad also picked that trait up from him.  He's always been an early riser.
  • His truck.  Perhaps that's the reason I have always loved big trucks.  I remember going for rides in his truck and loving it.  Sometimes we would rid in the back with the camper shell on and I remember that being such an adventure!!  He also had many bumper stickers on that truck over the years.  Some of them were not so appropriate but that made us love him more!!  Our favorite was "Sometimes I wish I were more like Barbie... that B*(#& has everything."  He also had sillouette women on his mud flaps.  I love our heritage!!
  • As I just mentioned... I love the Spanish blood running through my veins and my kids veins.  I have always been so proud of that.  I remember that whenever anyone spoke to him in Spanish (especially Ryan when he got home from his mission, and Mason) him responding so well when other times he had a hard time hearing us.
  • I loved his style.  He would always dress up when he was coming to see us.  He would either wear a nice cowboy hat or a trucker cap of some sort.  He often wore bolos and I always remember him in his blue suit with sneakers on.
  • Whenever Grandpa would come to visit or we'd go to his house to visit he would always have something for us.  If we complimented him on something he would immediately give it to us.  He was such a kind and giving man.  Interestingly enough at his funeral there were many people who also spoke about how giving he was.  There was one man that use to work with him in the mines who still had a pocket knife that Grandpa had given him so many years ago.  He brought the knife and shared that touching story.
  • He would often shake his head and say, "Aye yi yi..."
  • He always carried around pictures in his wallet.  He would show us pictures of his neighbors, friends, girlfriends (of course this delighted us), nieces, anyone and everyone he cared about.  It was always fun to see his pictures.  Well during the funeral a girl came up to me that I didn't know and said, "Little orphan Annie!!"  She said, "Your Grandpa use to carry around pictures of you in his wallet and show them to me all the time.  I was such a big fan of yours!!  I even had a little orphan annie t-shirt!!"  Come to find out she was Grandma Armida's granddaughter.  It was fun to hear that he was sharing pictures of us too.  Of course he was.
  • One of my most precious memories is when he met Boonie and Darci, his two great grandchildren for the first time.  I remember meeting at Kyle's house and him bouncing Boone on his knee.  He was so delighted to be holding that baby.  He was baby talking to him and just lit up in a way that I hadn't seen in a long time.  It is such a sweet memory.

Ft. Warren Wyoming

Grandpa and Armida Dominguez - the lady I knew as my Grandma Armida - they never married because he claimed he could never love another woman as much as his wife Maude.  They just lived together and she loved us as her own grandchildren.

1942 Michigan

Manuel Leos Leybas, Maudie Leybas (Capps), Manuel Lee Leybas
Maudie and Manuel Leybas 1940s
I am so thankful for the knowledge I have of eternal families.  There are so many people in heaven who are so thankful to be seeing Grandpa again.  I am so thankful for the man he was and for raising my dad into the person he is today.  I love you Grandpa.  God be with you til we meet again....

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