Thursday, October 17, 2013

Iphone Catch ups

These are photos from Mason's Iphone.  Some of these photos date back to August.  In August we went to a demolition derby.  Boonie loved it.  It was super loud but super fun!  He even got to sign his name on the car below before it started.

This driver below was crazy!!  He ramped on top of the other car at one point.

Marae ate popcorn.

It's fall up here and the leaves are changing and it's just GORGEOUS.  We went on a walk after conference last Sunday up the canyon.  We found this little firepit up the mountain where the leaves had already fallen.  It was eerily beautiful with all the color on the ground and dark trees.

These are leftover from Boonie's birthday.  Below is his friend Ella and himself playing in the foam pit at The Jump Zone.

Ella and Collin Kelstrom

Birthday pancakes!!

 Visiting Great Grandma Widman while in Arizona:

Boone's first trip to the dentist.  He went like a champ. 

This lasted .2 seconds:

A new kids table that they love!!

Marae's new hat:

This is outside our kitchen window.  These trees are amazing.   The leaves are actually all gone now.

This was on the way home from the doctor after Marae got her shots.  It melted my heart.  I love my two babies.

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