Saturday, October 5, 2013

Grandpa's Funeral

Grandpa's funeral was the first funeral I've ever been to.  When my mom's dad died he was cremated and had a memorial service.  It was a beautiful ceremony that was very intimate for our family.  I was honored to be there and happy to be there to support my dad.  The hardest thing was watching him.  He is the only child.  It's a day that I hold dear in my heart and a day that I feel like I grew closer to my family.

We didn't get any pictures from the church.  These were all taken at the burial site in Kearney, AZ.

He was a WWII veteran so he got a flag and a 21 gun salute.

He was laid to rest next to his 'sweetie' as my dad put it.  She has been waiting for him for quite some time now up in heaven.

Meanwhile back at the church some of the young women from the ward volunteered to watch our kids.  I am so thankful they did because it was such a spiritual morning for us all.

Afterwards we went out to eat.

We went out with these ladies who had driven all the way out from Oklahoma to be at Grandpa's funeral.  They were his nieces.  What sweet ladies!!

It was so interesting to see how each member of my family handled the funeral.  Our family is not exactly one that shares their emotions with each other.  It's usually just sarcasm and goofiness.  As I said before, I'm thankful for the bonding experience we shared by celebrating the life of this dear man.

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