Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trunk or Treat

Saturday was our ward trunk or treat party.  There was a potluck soup dinner and then trick or treating afterwards.  Boonie dressed up as Daniel Boone and Marae was his trusty sidekick, a raccoon, up until 5 minutes before we left.  Her costume was a disaster - it was Boone's cow costume from two years ago that I dyed gray and tried to glue raccoon looking fur on it.  Needless to say she looked like a combination of a fraggle/koala/cow gone bad plus she couldn't walk in the thing because she's a bit smaller than Boonie was at that age so we dumped it and performed operation butterfly and made it to the party in style.

I didn't take many pictures of the kids in their costumes.  I'll take more tomorrow night.  The few I did get of Boonie didn't turn out so well because he was so excited to get candy that he kept twirling his gun like a baton and they all came out blurry.  So here is a glimpse of my cute little Daniel Boone.

Mason and I went as Bob Ross and his painting.  Mason painted that painting in 15 minutes and couldn't have been more proud of the light shading and his squirrel.  He's seriously talented!!!  I can't even imagine what my attempt at a tree would have looked like!!

My darling butterfly.  I'll get a better one of her without the coat on tomorrow.  Good thing we had those wings and tutu on hand!!

Notice our new candy dish being put to use!?  Thanks again Karna!!

Only a couple more days until the candy frenzie is over!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cornbelly's and the Lefler's

The weekend of Jack's blessing we went down and stayed with Tom and Laura.  That Saturday morning we got up early and went garage sailing in Alpine and Highland (one of my all time favorite things to do!!).  People get rid of crazy nice stuff there!!  It's amazing!!  We got Boonie a whole new wardrobe for the next two years all with extremely nice stuff.  He also got a brand new bike (which Mason has been looking for... he wanted to give him one for his birthday but they were all too expensive) for 12 dollars!!!!!!!  Nana and Poppa ended up counting that as their birthday present to him being he hadn't gotten anything from them yet.

Zombie cat.

Marae is so funny with animals.  She loves them and wants to follow them around but she won't touch them.  She'll just get as close and she possibly can and then sit there and look at them.  Here are Wedge and Marae having a stare down.

Boone trying out his new bike!!

Nanna took the kids and I to cornbelly's that afternoon.  They had added so many fun things to do this year.  I guess it has been 3 years since we've been there but it was so fun.  The kids loved it.

Except this:

I love being back in Utah.  They just know how to do things right!!!


It is just so beautiful up here right now.  I am in awe every single day and just soaking it all in.  I told Mason that I never want to live where there aren't seasons ever again.  Fall is a beautiful season!!  

The colors are amazing with their red, yellow, and orange hues.  The maple tree in our front yard dropped it's leaves this week and the kids have been having fun playing in them.  At first Marae didn't like the pile but now she loves them!

We have some fun little friends in the ward.  They were over visiting the other day and I snapped some pictures of them playing.

Collin Kelstrom - Boone's little buddy

Ella Kelstrom

Here are a few other noteworthy photos:

Boonie came out of his bedroom dressed like this the other day...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Visit Fall Break AND Jack's Blessing

My parents came up to visit during their (my dad's) fall break.  They stayed with us for 3 days.  They picked the perfect time to come visit because it's just GORGEOUS here in the fall.  The leaves are beautiful and the crisp cool air has been so fun to go out and do things in.  The first night they were here we went to Bear River Bottoms where they had a corn maze and hayride.  We were expecting something a bit more and honestly it was a bit of a bust but we still had fun watching Boonie have fun and being out in the cool air.

They had a giant stack of hay for the kids to climb on and run through.  That was pretty fun.  The only other highlight of the trip was when I took Boonie to the outhouse and he freaked out thinking he was going to fall in.

The next day we took a 45 minute drive out to Bear Lake.  The drive was amazing through the canyon.  I love living where there are seasons and so many beautiful changing trees.  Boonie hasn't quite grasped the concept that when it's cold outside it's too cold to go swimming.  We couldn't keep him out of the lake.

It was pretty dang cold plus the wind was blowing... not exactly the best weather to visit Bear Lake but it was still pretty and now we can all say we've been there.

Boone walks on water.

Grandma was nice enough to walk across the water with him.  YOLO!!!

Marae wanted to go across so badly too... sorry little girlie.

Boone got his pants all wet and we didn't have a change of clothes so Grandma came up with this idea to make pants out of his jacket.  GENIUS!!  This is how he went to lunch.

That night was Boonie's last soccer game.  He didn't quite grasp the concept this year.  He basically just ran around with the group of kids and he'd fake a fall down anytime anyone else fell down.  But at least it got some of the much needed energy out!

Friday we went down to Salt Lake.  We've been telling Boonie about the Salt Lake City temple ever since we were moving out of our house back in May.  We have a picture of it and kept telling him that is where we were moving to.  So he was happy to finally see it.  We walked around the new City Creek Mall and temple square.

Marae looked really cute so we had to take a picture of the little dolly.

Saturday night my mom went to witches night out.  We had a blast window shopping, eating yummy food, and dancing.  I'm so glad we were able to go again.  I love my mommy.

My mom won this trick or treating plate.  She was standing on lucky number 17 - and her birthday was on the 17th of that month!  That's why she won... but then she gave me the plate because she's nice.

Sunday was Jack's baby blessing.  He is the sweetest little thing.  I got to hold him during sacrament meeting and he just slept on me the whole time.  I'm officially in love with that little guy.

After the blessing we went to Ryan's house for dinner.  Boonie came out dressed in a spider costume and bit my feet while Jack dressed up like a gangster.  Just the normal happenings with my fam.